Why You Should Say Yes To Guest Posts?

Guest Posts

Are you an active blogger (part time or full time)? If yes, then you are expected to keep your fingers on wheel with a minimum of five posts published per week. If you are not able to catch up with this minimum requirement you may not be able to keep your readers updated with new and fresh content. This is exactly when you need to know about guest posts.

However, the world may not always be on your side. You may get sick, be out of town, attend to personal issues or simply don’t get enough ideas to reach the average limit of publishing posts. If that is the case you have an option called guest posting to help you.

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Guest posts are written by other authors on your blog that are aimed at a win-win situation for both the parties.

But most of the time guest posting is either neglected or blatantly rejected as many people are unaware of its numerous benefits. You may be hesitant in letting someone else post on your behalf or you may think it outrageous for someone else to use your blog for their views. But the next time you get a proposal for guest posting, you may need to pause and think over it and probably say yes. Here are some reasons why you should say so.

Free blog updates

Guest blogging reduces your burden and keeps your blog updated with fresh and diverse content. When readers see that you are open to guest posts they will be more interested in reading as well as contributing to your blog.

Fresh ideas

Guest Posts For Your Website

Even eminent writers and proficient bloggers may reach a saturation point and hit a block. You may run out of ideas and may even lead to an end of your blogging journey. Hopefully, you can take a break and give your brain a little revamp while there are guest posts to save you from this possible danger.

Active community

Guest blogging helps you to grow your community as more voices speak for you. You can create maximum impact and make your brand presence more prominent with guest blogging. Readers will be motivated to join your community when it has a large number of guest posts.

Increase traffic

Guest blogging usually comes with a value added service for free – free promotion for the post. Quality and content variety attracts more viewers and consequently increases web traffic.Guest authors also tend to promote their posts on social media and various other forums helping you to grow the traffic to your blog.

How to choose guest posts?

Guest posts can be a blessing but if not chosen properly can be disastrous leading to lower page quality and inactive links. Just as saying yes to a good post in necessary, saying no to unwanted guest posts is also a part of your duty.

Saying yes to guest posts by other authors does not mean you have got nothing to do with it. It can be a lot of screening and editing work. You have to read and edit each and every post. You may have to reject even some of the best write-ups if they don’t suit your needs. You have to check for the consistency of tone, style and quality of the posts. Guest posts should not become the ad-banner for some other brand and it should contribute to your SEO and marketing. It should help you in achieving your goals.

Specify the standard for guest posters and what you expect from them. Analyze the pros and cons and settle down to a plan that works for you.

Wise use of guest blogging has the potential to make huge profits and an indestructible online identity.


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