Fifteen Top Instagram Data You Did Not Know

Top Instagram Data

Instagram is one among the many social networking sites and the most popular image sharing site online. It is a widely used platform for marketing and promotion. Marketers are increasingly shifting their focus to these social networking sites as the top Instagram data reveals that brand engagement is quite high in this site.

Promoting your brand effectively on Instagram requires that you gain a good insight on your target audience and their engagement percent. If you promote your business on Instagram while you have low engagement of your target audience, it would not be worthwhile. According to top Instagram data, teens are the highest users of this image sharing site. Thus, if your business deals with products that would cater to the needs of this group of audience, you will have a high user engagement for your profile on Instagram.

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Instagram influencers play a big role in improving your profile visibility. They act as a catalyst improving your visibility and your profile in the social communities by delivering your authenticity. Influencers also tend to share your posts with their followers. Thus your posts tend to receive more views. If the followers find your posts interesting enough, they are bound to visit your site. Thus influencers can also help in pushing your user base higher.

Pulling in visitors through engaging cotent is important if you want to gain competitive advantage over your social site. Not just Instagram, but for any social media and even website, content is King. It is the biggest influencer that tends to make a user stay on a web page or take an action. Thus inclusion of error-free and engaging content is necessary to post in your Instagram profile.

Marketers seek to increase and optimize their presence on Instagram through different techniques. However, to be more relevant to the target audience, information and top Instagram data is necessary to create the perfect Instagram marketing campaigns.



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