Why Your Business Needs Vine Now: An Infographic

Business Needs Vine

Move over, Instagram. There’s a new artist in town. Well maybe not new, but we are getting the hang of it right about now. People say Vine is the new cool, and believe it or not it’s actually true! Videos have always been a key part of the strategic planning of the marketers, so no wonder its mutated form is generating quite a loud buzz. Long story short, your business needs Vine right now and the following infographic will tell you why.

To stand out amidst your competitors you need to capture your audience’s interest, even for a few moments. Videos are dynamic, captivating and less time consuming to create and to watch. Vine takes this one step further. It provides a time limit of 6 seconds. It’s just like Twitter in motion. I agree, expressing what you want to say within 6 seconds is challenging. But brands are not shying away from it as they e realized that their business needs Vine. Oreo, Gap, Samsung, Toyota, Puma, Volkswagen and a number of other brands are coming up with interesting vines to sell their products.

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These amazingly creative videos are fun, they are shared the most and they speak volumes for the brands. It’s sad but we, the internet-savvy generation suffer from limited attention span and Vine offers the marketers the chance to engage audience of all demographic. You don’t need professional help to create these mini videos, and these evoke strong emotional response from your target audience. Trust me, people go crazy over vine videos – 9 tweets that include a Vine video are sent every second of every day!

With Vine you can engage your audience by starting a conversation; you can display your products and tell your brand’s story. Therefore your business needs Vine to reach out more and more people. You can even host an online contest around Vine videos. Creativity knows no boundaries and neither does Vine.

Business Needs Vine Videos

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