Will Android Marshmallow Be A Hit? Take A Look At It’s Features…

Android Marshmallow

Rumors have been doing the rounds that Google is planning to introduce the new version of Android. The big something under covers in Google’s official complex had aroused even more curiosity regarding what Google was up to. Well for all those Android lovers, Google has launched the beta version of Android M or Android Marshmallow to be more precise.

Google keeping up with its naming of Android versions after desserts have showed no exception in the new version too. The official launch of Android Marshmallow developer’s version was made recently along with the software development kit of the new version for developers.

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With the launch of Android Marshmallow developers version, Google also allows you to publish apps with the latest APIs.

So, let’s check what new features Android Marshmallow has to offer:

1) The new version of Marshmallow brings with it some new cool wallpapers.

2) The design and layout will remain the same as the previous version with the implementation of material design like that in Lollipop. The operating system too remains the same as the previous.

3) The lock screen has something new to look at. The digital clock is bigger and more prominent. Apart from the clock, the lock screen also features a voice search for Google on the bottom-left of the screen.

4) In Android Marshmallow, the Google Now has been placed on the far left of the mobile screen. Once you are into Google Now, you will be surprised with a new feature. The entire menu is displayed vertically. Scroll down and all the icons of Google Now are displayed on the screen. The apps too have been categorized alphabetically for an easier search.

Latest Features Of Android Marshmallow

5) The volume-control placed in the left allows your phone to go silent directly from it. It also shows the alarm option that can be directly accessed with the volume rockers. An arrow placed on the right hand corner of the volume button lets you access and make changes on the alarm volume and music volume.

6) In the quick settings, there is a do-not-disturb option that has been introduced in Android Marshmallow. Here you can set your preferences as you like and till the time you do not want to get any calls. You can set the duration and select the options like Alarms Only, Total Silence, Priority Only.

7) The text message gives you the option to search for a place directly from the text. Clicking on the home icon displays the place in the Google search bar on the top and suggestions at the bottom.

8) One option in developer’s version that is new is that users will be able to able to change the theme of the entire settings menu from black to white.

9) An option to change the app permission settings is available under the Advanced option in the new Android Marshmallow. This prevents any app to access other information on your mobile device.

10) The best feature of the new Android version is that it provides an option of app backup. This however is entirely optional. A developer can choose to or not to back up his files or apps.

11) A feature called Doze has been introduced in Android 6.0 that would help to improve the battery life of a device in the long run.

12) The simple option of Google pay or Android Pay has also been included in it. Users can now easily buy anything from the Google Play Store.

13) There is an easy cut-copy-paste option through which you can easily cut and paste any texts.

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