Startup App India Or Pakistan Aims To Bridge The Nationality Gap

Startup App India Or Pakistan

A battle of values and ethics on the inside and a constant raging war on the outside. The relation between the two countries – India and Pakistan – have never been more than just cordial. However, the new startup app India or Pakistan, aims to bridge the gap that has prevailed within the citizens for a long time.

The startup app India or Pakistan is the brainchild of Amrit Sharma, a resident of Kathmandu who created this app to provide insight on the lives of people of both the nations. His main purpose is to arouse the awareness on how much similar the lives of the people of both the countries are.

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Sharma got the idea to create this app after he got inspired by the simple poster that went viral in Israel and Iran. The video encouraged communication between the people of the two countries. The video was created by a reknowned graphic designer Ronny Edry of Israel. The video went viral through social networking sites which encouraged Sharma to create something similar for the country of India and Pakistan. His idea was to create an app that would let the common people of India and Pakistan communicate with each other.

Brought up in the city of Kathmandu, Sharma had grown up in a cosmopolitan environment with the people of both the nations. He was thus aware of the fact that the lifestyle of people of the two nations is not much different. With the startup app India or Pakistan, he aims to make a positive impact about the neighbors in each other’s minds.

Startup App India Or Pakistan Aims

Sharma has successfully been utilizing social media to integrate fraternity within the two nations. He launched his startup app India or Pakistan in the month of February this year. The workings of the app was quite simple. An image of a place, monument, people or food would be posted in the app and people need to identify the country to which it belongs. The app is a subtle way to make people recognize the similarity that exists between the two nations.

The app received worldwide recognition as well as appreciation from both the nations. According to the latest records, the app, India or Pakistan has been downloaded over 200,000 times. Sharma has received immense feedback on the simplicity of the app. Social media networking sites have been of great help to promote the app. However, Sharma also used email marketing and App store optimization techniques to boost the app’s reachability.

Sharma was intrigued by the similarities that prevailed between the two nations and their citizens. With his startup app India or Pakistan, however, Sharma does not intend to earn profits. This app is his personal way to create an awareness among the people of both the nations.

Sharma plans to make the app open source so that any developer can contribute things of their choice within the app that would help create a stronger bond between the two nations of India and Pakistan.

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