India Transforming With Go Digital

Go Digital

Digitization is the new freedom of the era. Gone are the days when data were stored in thick volumes of manuscripts. The world has moved to a new dimension where digitization plays an important role. And if the world is transforming, can India stay behind? India too is catching up with the leading nations thanks to Go Digital, an initiative by the Indian Government.

The digital India week, held in the first week of July announced that the Government aims to transform India into a digitized nation. The introduction of e-governance and free high speed internet connectivity was announced at the launch. Along with these, the introduction of digital education in rural areas too was mentioned. The Go Digital program along with the Digital Locker was introduced in the 1st of July along with the launch of Digital India week.

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A month and a half into the program, the government’s initiative of a fully digitized nation has become quite popular. The introduction of e-lockers or digital lockers has gained popularity among the masses. With Go Digital, digital lockers are being heavily used by people throughout the country. This would encourage the users to eradicate paper documents and replace them with digital lockers.

Go Digital India

The digilocker works in synchronization with the Aadhaar number. Once you have synced and signed up with a new e-locker, you can then scan and store all these documentswithin the locker. Users can even share the documents with others online.

You can also use you mobile or any biometric device to log in later once you have signed in and opened your account.

This programme however will take time to be implemented effectively throughout the country. With a huge population in the country devoid of technical know-how, introducing and running the digital locker system through Go Digital programme will be a time consuming process. Internet connectivity too is quite slow in most of the areas throughout the nation.

Thus even though the government has taken up the initiative of Go Digital, the first step for the government of India should be to educate the people of the nation with a workable tehnical knowledge.

The fast changing pace of digitization requires that everybody stays updated with the oncoming technological advancements helping the nation grow.

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