Create Your Own Professional Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

Customized Logo is an emblem of your website. It gives your website a uniqueness and exclusivity, making it different from the other sites. It also forms a brand for your website. It symbolizes your website in the world of web. Logos are mostly custom made. Custom logo design may or may not include the name of your site but it is the graphical representation of your website.

Logo design is an important feature for any company who wants to make a mark in the market. Any company, be it a product or service provider, needs a unique identity that makes it easily recognizable.

Companies can design logos of their own or they can seek help of professional designers. It is advisable to seek professional help for designing logos especially for emerging companies as your logo will be the brand symbol of your product.

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For designing a logo, a designer needs to keep the ethos of the company in mind. The logo should be such that it reflects the product or idea or the company.

The following are a few essential criteria that need to be followed while creating a custom logo design.

Chalk out the Basic Design: The first step while designing a logo is to sketch out the design that you wish to incorporate in the symbol. Sketch at least a dozen of designs before selecting the ideal one for you. This is the most vital stage in designing a logo. It will give you the basic framework on which you need to work to make it a brand symbol. Your logo should replicate your product. The design should keep up with the motive of your logo.

Attractive Custom Logo Design

Keep it Compact: The size of the logo should be such that it is neither too large nor too small. A very large logo can intimidate your customers while a logo which is too small would become unrecognizable. Too much use of colors too will be a problem for a small logo.

Colors: Color of the logo should be such that it attracts the attention of the customers. Use bright and bold colors. But never use colors that are contrasting and hard on eyes. Check how your logo looks on black and white background. It is wise to go off-beat while creating a custom logo design. However, you need to make sure that it stays at par with your product.

Typography: Your custom logo design would include not only designs but texts as well. The font and size of the text are important. The texts may be contained in the logo or it may appear as a tag line. The size of the texts should correspond to the logo.

Be Different: Don’t follow the same kind of logos that your contemporaries make. A custom logo design should always be innovative. A logo with an off-beat design will attract more onlookers than a common logo. Play in with a mixture of assorted designs to bring out the logo you are looking for.

Do not imitate: You may not always come up with an exclusive custom logo design idea. Check on the logos of similar companies. Draw inspiration from them. But make sure not to imitate them. Finding resemblance in logos will reduce your customers as they would be unable to trust you completely.

Instill Eternity: Logos are such that it remains etched in the minds of your customers. Your customers should recognize you with your logo. Hence make it such that it is accepted and well liked by people. The “I Love New York” symbol is a perfect example of such a logo. Though the design was created and made popular in the year 1975, it remains a favorite symbol of New York City till today. And it has spread all around the world.

A custom logo design plays an important role in bringing in more business. In the long run, logo becomes a symbol of recognition for your company. For example as soon as we see a big yellow “M” displayed on a red background, we can recognize it asMacDonald’s. For Mercedes, the tri-star inside the circle is enough to recognize the brand.

Hence an exclusive logo is necessary to get recognition in the global competitive world.  Custom logo instills a power of confidence in you if your brand is recognized simply by a symbol.


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