Everything You Need To Know About Infographic Design

Infographic Design

Since the Internet boom, the demand for well designed websites has increased. Every commercial business owns an official website. The competition to come up with attractive and high quality content for websites has skyrocketed. In order to be the eye candy of your customers, you will have to have a unique content. For this reason, the websites are also using infographic design.

Infographic Design: Sounds New? Let’s Get Familiar!

Infographics are a visual representation of information that you want to deliver to your audience. They are also called as data viz which means nothing but data visualization. A set of data presented in a unique way to attract attention. You read a text but you see an infographic. They are nothing but charts and graphs, only in a much colorful way.

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There are many design trends involved in creating an infographic design. Infographics are a powerful tool for publishing enormous amounts of information. Many companies no matter large or small, use infographics to build their brand names.  Educating the audience about your company, through infographics is very easy.

Designing an infographic is not a child’s play. It has to be informative yet entertaining. If you come up with a good infographic design, then only your search engine optimization is done.

What all you need to do for designing a catchy infographic?

1. Learn about the concept and compile all the information you can about the product. Then know what is important and what you have to add necessarily into the chart.

2. Do plan the size and space beforehand. Do not clog it with too much information.

3. Make use of the size for data visualization. Use of text and images in proper proportion will make your infographics look good.

4. Make sure that the infographics is vertical so that it can be easily viewed on all devices.

5. Do select light and pleasing colors. Gaudy and flashy shades will only make your audience avoid your infographics. Bring in suitable color contrasts.

Infographic Design Example

6. Do share it on the social media. Promotion is very important. Use the infographic design on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

7. Create a unique press release of your infographic.

8. Do try to think differently. Out of the box ideas will always gain more attention. Let your creativity flow and try to experiment with concepts.

9. Make your infographics universally appealing. You never know who is going to open your website from which part of the world. Keep a global concept in mind and try to cater to all their needs.

10. Make it easy to understand even for a layman. Everyone doesn’t know about your business or other stuffs. Try to tell all the facts in simple language.

Things to maintain distance from while creating infographics!

1. Don’t make large and confusing designs. Bigger infographics take more time to load. By the time they are completely loaded, you audience will have lost interest.

2. Don’t use static shapes. The infographic must distinguish between the data to avoid any confusion.

3. Don’t use heavy colors that can irritate the eyes.

4. Do not use too much text. It may bore your clients easily. Add other stuffs like picture and graphs too.

5. Don’t use clip arts and templates downloaded from somewhere. It is not going to impress anyone. Use originally designed graphics.

6. Do not use complicated calculations and numerical. Also avoid very standard language. You are not writing to impress the audience about your writing skills. You are here to introduce your company and services to prospective clients. Be humble.

A good infographic design can make your business while a bad one can break it. Be sure to create a one of its kind, attractive infographics to keep the audience glued.


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