Indian CEOs Making Their Presence Felt In The Tech World

Indian CEOs

Well, it seems the number of Indian CEOs in the top tech companies is increasing at a rapid pace. First it was Shantanu Narayen for Adobe Systems followed by Satya Nadella for Microsoft.

And now, there is Sundar Pichai for Google. If you take other sectors apart from tech, the list would go longer. However, let’s stick to the world that we are most comfortable in while talking about the Indian CEOs.

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Shantanu Narayen

He is a known name, a known face. One of the first Indian CEOs to make it to the world tech industry, Shantanu Narayen’s early life before the CEO phase was pretty much like every other immigrant in the USA struggling to make a mark of his own.

i.   He initially started his work at Apple Inc.
ii.  Later he went on to co-found Pictra, one of the first online image sharing companies.
iii. He successfully sold Pictra to Adobe and took up a job in the company.
iv. He had faced multiple challenges especially to make his ideas envisioned by the top bosses.
v.  A stagnation period hit Adobe in 2009, with a sharp fall. This fall however, was a booster for Narayen’s rise. The idea hit to increase the audience reach.

The Creative Suite package was launched by Adobe that became a standard application tool to be used on all kinds of PCs. Since then there has been no looking back by Shantanu Narayen.

Satya Nadella

After leading the Microsoft cloud services with great success, Satya Nadella was the top choice of the board members when it came to choosing the CEO of Microsoft. A reputed post that was once held by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, Nadella incorporated a new system of management to run the leading technology company.

Top Indian CEOs

Nadella took up the position on February 2014 after Steve Balmer stepped down as the CEO. He managed to implement new work ideas and management techniques that have paid off well over the last one year. However, Nadella has worked to make changes in the working of Microsoft even before he became the CEO.

i.   With Nadella’s suggestion, Windows Live Search was changed to Bing. This has been a lucrative step for the tech giant.
ii.  Nadella has perfectly lead his team to deliver the best cloud services by Microsoft, making changes and development on the way.
iii. He is a sports-lover and an athlete himself.
iv. He is always looking for learning new things.
v.  He believes that education is important and something that can increase the more you give.

Nadella is the first Non-American to take up the top position at Microsoft. However, within a single year it is quite evident what changes Indian CEOs can bring to a company.

Sundar Pichai

He does not really need an introduction. He has been the face of Google for a long time. Each Google I/O you have seen him announce a new technological addition into the giant Google family. The announcement made in the official Google blog said that Sundar Pichai will henceforth hold the office of CEO while Page and Brin focuses on the bigger picture of Alphabet.

i.   The latest of the Indian CEOs who have made to the top tech companies, Pichai is perhaps the most high-profile CEO.
ii.  Apart from technology, he is a sports-lover. He was the captain of his school’s cricket team and also loves soccer and basketball.
iii. The idea of including Android to Google and introducing Chrome has been the brainchild of Pichai.

The world is witnessing more and more Indian CEOs becoming the top bosses of the leading companies.

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