Seven Unknown Facts About Sundar Pichai You Probably Didn’t Know

Facts About Sundar Pichai

You must have come across the news of Google reorganizing itself under a new name called Alphabet. A sudden unexpected announcement has been made by the Google officials along with the news that Google will henceforth be a division under Alphabet with Sundar Pichai as its CEO. Google’s former CEO and co-founder Larry Page will hold the position of CEO while Sergey Brin will be the President. There are facts about Sundar Pichai that would take one by surprise.

The news came as a surprise to the world. However, Google has already expanded its work into a number of sectors. Managing the number of divisions like Calico, Google,Google VenturesGoogle Capital, Google X, etc. had become quite a handful under one name. Thus the decision of appointing Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google division so that the original founders can take care of the bigger picture. One would now surely be eager to know the facts about Sundar Pichai.

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Sundar Pichai does not need any introduction to the million of techies globally. However, here are few unknown facts you probably did not know about the new CEO of Google.

Unknown Facts About Sundar Pichai

1) The original name of Sundar Pichai is Pichai Sundararajan. As customary, he shortened his name to fit in the American mainstream.

2) Believe it or not, the new CEO of Google is a huge cricket fanatic. He had himself remained the captain of his school cricket team and the team went to win the regional cricket tournament under him. Apart from cricket, he also takes interest in soccer and basketball.

3) One of the unknown facts about Sundar Pichai people should know is that before joining Google in 2004, he used to be a consulting manager at McKinsey & Co.

4) According to his friends, he is not at all the “nerd” that his appearance suggests. He is very grounded, helpful and friendly.

5) According to his professors, Pichai was a bright student who always analysed his questions and evaluated his words deeply before speaking.

6) Sundar Pichai topped in his batch and had won a silver medal at the IIT Kharagpur.

7) Pichai lost one of his closest friends and his batch-mate at IIT, Swaminathan in a car crash in Baltimore USA.

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