Eight Ways For Integrating Social Media And Email Marketing

Integrating Social Media And Email Marketing

Email is the mother of electronic marketing and its power is only increasing everyday with the widespread use of social media updates sent using email. Both social and media are two strong pillars that strengthen your online marketing strategies. The reach you can achieve by integrating social media and email marketing can take you to new heights.

There are two major benefits of such a combination. First is better reach. When the number of email shares increases, the number of opens, clicks and conversions will increase too. Second is, gaining new subscribers will be fast.

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Here are 8 effective ways for integrating social media and email marketing

1. Announce upcoming emails using social media

Spread a word about your upcoming emails and its content on your Facebook pages, or LinkedIn posts. Giving users a sneak peek at what’s new would incite curiosity in them thus compelling them to subscribe.

2. Social media links and icons

Every mail that you send must have social media icons or links. One of the easiest and profitable ways for integrating social media and email marketing is through links and icons. Icons and links provide an instant access to your social media pages and let them quickly decide on liking or following.

3. Share buttons to social media pages

You want readers to share your mails but how can they do it without knowing how to do it. Prompt them with the help of social media share buttons and engaging content. Your content must be interesting enough to make customers obliged to share it.

4. Place links to your email on social media pages

Share links to the online copies of your email on your official pages and on all social media channels. By doing this you are giving yourself the chance of increased subscriptions as followers will most likely subscribe after liking what they see.

5. Interact with fans to determine your content

Integrating Social Media And Email Marketing For Business

By using your interactions with fans and social media followers you can determine what they want and the things they are most interested in. Observe the most popular topics on your Facebook page before integrating social media and email marketing. Pay attention to the hottest debates and discussions in the forums and use these details to frame your email content. Stay in the trend and create contents that will naturally drive them to subscribe.

6. Ask for conversion

There is no wrong or shame in asking for conversion. Show pop ups or dialog boxes and ask recipients to like your pages and show a list of friends and suggestions for sharing the content. The bigger your contact base, the better is your reach. So try to have as many points of contact you can have with your audience.

7. Announce your contests, special offers and discounts

Don’t keep secrets from your customers; especially about your special offers, discounts, and contests.  Whenever you are holding a contest, send invites via email and let your subscribers know about all special events. Don’t let them miss out on anything and make sure being connected with you means benefits for them. Don’t restrict the alerts to emails alone, let your social media followers know about your offers too.

8. Email signup forms

There are many guidelines for designing your social media pages and the one that concerns integrating social media and email marketing would be to include an email sign up form in your social media page. This makes it easy for the users to subscribe without having to leave the social media website. An email signup form thus help you add more people to your subscribers list and promote your business.

So, you can follow these above mentioned ways for integrating social media and email marketing.

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