Create A Perfect Mobile First Ecommerce Website

Mobile First Ecommerce Website

According to comScore the global usage of internet through mobile devices is around 30%. This means that 30% of the internet using population access the browsers through mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. This has given rise to the concept of mobile first ecommerce website.

When you plan to build a mobile first ecommerce website, you need some basic steps. These steps need to be followed correctly in order to create a desirable website that would be able to attract visitors.

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Selecting target audience

Selecting the audience who are your prospective customers is an important statistic to be considered. The attitude of mobile visitors are still in an early stage. If you want to develop a website that will pull in optimum visitors, understanding audience needs is important.

Mobile devices are highly portable. Smartphones and tablets are used almost every minute even while poeple go on with their day to day life. It can be while travelling to and from the workplace, while viewing the television, when bored and even when in bed.

In each of the above situation, the visitor is in a different state of mind. However it is not necessary that they would have a purchasing mindset. If in any of the above situations, the users face a situation they are not comfortable in, there is a high chance that you might convert a user into a customer.

Measuring conversion

Creating Mobile First Ecommerce Website

Monitoring conversion serves as a metric determining the success of your website. How you measure your conversion is entirely upon you. Still to survive in the internet world you need to have moderate transcations on a regular basis. To achieve this, there are are few objectives your developers and designers need to keep in mind.

The mobile first ecommerce website should be created with a specific goal or target in mind. Make your objectives clear to your team and work towards achieving your target. Make sure the content in your website is of relevance to your target audience.

Website design

Design is a vital factor of consideration while creating a mobile first ecommerce website. For a website, the appearence is something that contributes to the visitor’s time spent and bounce rates of a website. The design of a website includes images, videos and multimedia, typography, page color, loading time etc. Each of the factors needs to be analysed thoroughly before choosing the final one.

The white space that is nornally visible in any desktop page needs to be lowered as the dispaly spaceon the mobile devices are low. Legibility of the text is necessary even on the small screen of a smartphone. The successful implementation of all the design factors lead to the success of a website.

A mobile first ecommerce website includes multiple tasks like customer and business management, promotion and development, design etc. However, always make sure that the above steps are followed to achieve high traffic and success in the long run.


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