The Importance Of SEO In Collaboration With Multiple Departments

Importance Of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important factor of marketing online. And webmasters would all agree it is one of the hardest things to do. This is mainly because of the regularly updating and changing search algorithm. These updating algorithms severely penalize spam websites. Thus a web master must always ensure that his website remains spam free. This is the primary importance of SEO.

The in-organization push and pull is one of the main factors that hinder the smooth working of an SEO. Though you do not possess any singular digital asset, the online search and digital invasion may affect you in some ways. SEO, however, is not a single person’s work. Though the basic workings of SEO is performed by an individual, it is the effort of the entire team that gets promoted. Thus, the importance of SEO analyst is that he needs to work in collaboration with various other teams to get the desired result.

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Design team

The first team that you need to co-ordinate with is your website design team. Designers do not understand the terms and conditions of SEO. Thus they will not understand which image or design would be favourable for the SEO of a site. Herein lies the importance of SEO work to collaborate with the designers suggesting them to create designs and images that would be good for the SEO of the site as well as be relevant to your online business or product.

However, you also need to keep in mind that your target audiences are the secondary visitors to your site. It is the search engine and web spiders who are the primary audience as they visit your site the most and on a regular basis.

Content or copy writers

Significance And Importance Of SEO

For an SEO analyst, it is always important to have an extensive knowledge of copy writing or content writing. If you do not possess the skill, you need to rely on external agents to fill your demand to publish content.

A popular phrase “Content is King” aptly describes the necessity of contents in a website. Thus what you write in your site is an important factor that can affect your site’s SEO. If you depend on content or copy writers for your website contents, ensure that they insert relevant keywords in relation to your website.

You can also guide them in writing contents that are currently trending. The importance of SEO analyst is to ensure that relevant keywords are inserted in the contents that are being searched heavily by users.

Developers and coders

Similar to designs, codes too play an important role in a site’s SEO. Using complex codes and jQueries may make a site appear beautiful, but it tends to slow down the page load speed thus affecting the SEO of a site.

Your site will also be negatively affected if the site is developed badly. Navigation design and HTMLs if not provided corretly will hamper the SEO. The importance of SEO here lies with the fact that an SEO can say when a site is working correctly and providing user-friendly codes for the site while developing.

The changing digital scenario requires a single person to play multiple job roles. Thus the importance of SEO is high when it comes to page ranking and visibility. However, a properly co-ordinated work would positively affect a site’s SEO and easily help it gain higher page rank.


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