New Facebook Patent Might Push To Loose Your Bankrupt Buddies

New Facebook Patent

Facebook users might have received a shocking news of the latest patent acquisition made by Mark Zuckerberg for the social site. For the ignorant lot, Zuckerberg had filed for a patent of a technology that allows the social site to track users on who and how they are connecting through the social media. With the new Facebook patent, Facebook will now be able to track its users at a more personal level.

Facebook claims that the patent will be used to track users from close quarters so that posting of spam can be restricted. This new Facebook patent would prevent any spam posts to be sent to Facebook users with whom you are not directly connected. This would also prevent users from receiving spam emails or receive requests from illegitimate contacts.

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Zuckerberg plans to utilize the new Facebook patent for “authorization and authentication based on an individual’s social network” in more number of ways than just to check on spams.

The New Facebook Patent 2015

With the new Facebook patent, a wider amount of information will be accessible by thesocial networking site. This will help Facebook monetize from marketers immensely who are eager to get their products promoted to the right kind of audience. Once the marketers have the details of the audience, they can then make more specific and targeted promotion.

Facebook also plans to make the Facebook profile of the user a metric to consider while lending out loans to the users. Banks will tally the profiles of the users and the people before they accept any requisition for credits.

This can prove to be harmful for users who might have people with questionable credit worthiness in their Facebook friendlist.

You can have friends who might not have access to any form of banking services. This would prove to be a tough situation to handle.

If Facebook introduces these restrictions, it will soon observe a sharp fall in its user-rate. Though it is at present the leading global social platform with over 6 billion followers, sabotaging the personal lives of the users might result in reduced Facebook usage by users globally.


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