Indexing Web Pages To Improve Visibility In Search Engines

Indexing Web Pages

If you want your site to be seen in the search engine result page, indexing the pages of your website is necessary. These indexing are done by search engine spiders who crawl through the website indexing web pages. Mostly pages that contain words or content that match with the database are indexed. Hence, if you wish to improve your site’s visibility and make it scalable, try incorporating highly competitive keywords that would match with the search.

Search engine algorithms are the initial determinants deciding indexing web pages. These algorithms take into account multiple number of metrics including its position after a Panda or Penguin hit. It then evaluates them before zeroing on which web pages qualify to be indexed.

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Web pages are also and most of the time manipulated by the webmasters. A webmaster would always try to make most of his web pages indexed by the search engine spiders. However, in case of similar pages, the use of rel-canonicals can be done. If it is accepted by the algorithm, all the important elements of the two pages are viewed as a combined single page.

Indexing Web Pages To Improve Website Visibility

Indexing web pages however is not the first that a search robot or spider does. When a spider visits a website, it collects the robot.txt files. These files are then stored in the search engine’s database and are gone through when a searcher give a keyword of phrase in the search bar. If the database matches with the search, it would display the website with the highest relevancy.

For search engine spiders for crawling and indexing web pages, it is also necessary to create a simple navigation structure. The robots move from one web page to the other through the nagivation path that has been designed as the page layout. A simple and easy to navigate path makes the search spiders to crawl through easily indexing the different web pages. However, if a page layout is complex, the spiders might get confused and leave pages without indexing them. This can be harmful for your website SEO.

Indexing web pages is an absolute necessity if you want your site to gain visibilty and improve page rank. A properly indexed site would have a higher chance to be displayed in the first page of the search engine when a relevant search is made.


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