CPC Growth In Smartphone Shows Rapid Increase

CPC Growth In Smartphone

The new digital advertising report from Adobe has brought in interesting trends with respect to Cost Per Click or CPC growth in smartphone across the world. However, the decline of the CPC does not affect the smartphone market in any way and in fact the CPC has only been steadily increasing in the smartphone arena. The data comes from Adobe after analyzing over 489 billion digital ad impressions of over 3 years.

For the readers who are not familiar with CPC, it refers to ‘Cost Per Click’. It is a common jargon used in the internet marketing industry wherein the advertiser will pay the publisher of the advertisement for every click that the ad gets. The good news now is that the CPC growth smartphone arena is increasing at a rapid pace. Many advertisers are migrating to CPC in smartphones instead of the traditional desktop clicks.

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Growth of CPC in smartphone segment

There are a number of factors that contribute to the CPC growth in smartphone segment. ‘Price’ is one such. The clicks in the smartphones are much cheaper than the ones in desktop. This makes it affordable for the advertisers. Also, ‘Mobilegeddon’ has been an important element in the growth of paid search in mobile. The worth of a mobile search is however 37% less than the desktop search.

The growth of CTR in social media sites like Facebook is also noteworthy. The CTR growth of Facebook is 99% YoY while that of Google is 24% YoY. The success of Facebook advertisements can also be attributed to its strategy to decrease the number of ads shown in the mobile screen. Other competitors of Google are slowly gaining the market control and doing well. YahooBing and Baidu are a few examples.

Study reveals interesting trends

CPC Growth In Smartphone Arena

The study from Adobe also reveals other interesting trends. There has been a total increase of 6% in the worldwide expenditure of SEM. Yahoo and Bing has fared quite well with 16% SEM spending YoY compared to Google at 6% YoY. That explains the growth of CPC ads in Yahoo when compared to Google. On deep dive into the study, one can observe that the combination of CPC and CTR trend clearly indicates that the display ads have become a top priority in the digital ad space. While there has been an increase in the CPC growth in smartphone compared to desktop, CTR on the other hand has declined for the smartphone industry.


The mobile advertising is expected to grow by 38% every year till 2017. Hence, one can expect a drastic increase in smartphone usage and search patterns of mobile users. Search Engine players are capitalizing on this by partnering with mobile browsers for default search engine. Mobilegeddon also deserves a special mention in this scenario. It is Google’s new mobile friendly search ranking algorithm. It helps bring mobile friendliness to one’s web pages.

It is clear from all these results, especially the CPC growth in smartphone, that mobile phone market is a different ball game altogether. The SEOs have to optimize web pages according to the user and mode of website usage. What is more! Google has officially announced that they are more mobile friendly than desktop searches. This would only mean that it would tweak its mobile algorithm that will help the mobile searcher. If your website is not mobile friendly, then now is the time to make it happen. If you are mobile friendly, then get ready for the next update as the competition in SEO is deadly and growing at a rapid pace.


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