How To Transfer Files Between Two Mac Machines

Transfer Files Between Two Mac Machines

We all know that the most commonly used method of transferring files from one computer to another is via the usage of an USB drive, be it a pendrive or an external hard drive of any kind. Online file sharing is yet another alternative now-a-days with the availability of Google Drive, Dropbox and BitTorrent Sync. However in order to transfer files between two Mac machines there are other options available as well, about which we will talk later in this article.

Apart from online file sharing and external USB device, files can be sent from one Mac computer to the other via email, iChat file transfer software, buring of CDs and DVDs and through your Mobile Me account as well.

Mac Screen Sharing:

The Mac operating system however provides another option for its users to transfer their files from one Mac device to another. Even though this option is provided mainly for remote desktop connections, it also enables transfer of files. For sharing files with the help of this option, the first thing that you need to do is to enable Remote Management in the sharing preferences of the system. This is highly recommended while sharing files for working around and troubleshooting when you have two or more computers to work with.

What To Do:

Once the Remote Management is enabled on the target system, you will have to find the other system from the finder siderbar by browsing the network that is situated at the top of your system. When the system is found, next you need to open up the shared computer that is located in there. Then when the session is established, you have to resize the window so that it may take a proportional size as per the screen size of your monitor. Now you can easily drag or copy paste your files to the resized window and keep your backup on the other Mac computer. When you perform this action, a small window for file transfer will appear that displays the progress of the transfer that you have initiated.

What Happens In The Background:

What we discussed till now is what you will see on your monitor screen. Now when you perform this action on your Mac computer, the files you transfer are stored within a temporary folder that is named ‘’ssdownload’’. The number of transfers you initiate are stored in this folder in different subdirectories that show the active transfers on your computer. The contents of this folder are copied out during the file transfer process and the structure is deleted when the process is complete.


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