How To Make The Perfect Twitter Image To Highlight Your Brand

Perfect Twitter Image

Is your Twitter profile pulling in visitors to your site? Are you able to make a powerful first impression? When it comes to social media, first impression is a major factor that can lead to making or breaking a deal. The perfect Twitter image and profile description is important if you want your target audience to click on your promotional link as soon as they lay their eyes on.

Creating a perfect Twitter image is not an uphill task. However, you need to keep a few things in mind, that is, use an awesome image that gives out a message, use the perfect blend of colors, utilize photo editing tools to give that perfect effect and make it appealing to your target audience.

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Once you have these elements in place, creating the perfect Twitter image would be quite simple.

A quality image

The first step in creating the perfect Twitter image is the quality of the image. If you really want to make a dashing first impression, use an awesome image. You can use stock images but hiring a professional photographer for your images is a better idea. This way you can customize your images as you like. You will also be handy with a wide range of high resolution, quality images to choose from.

Select the image that perfectly describes you and your business. Analyse the image carefully and see whether you like it. Remember, the social media is flooded with competitors and everyone trying to make that first impression. You need to stand out from the rest if you really want your audience to take notice of your image.

Dimensions matter

Creating Perfect Twitter Image

If you are using multiple social media to promote your business you must be aware of the fact that different social sites have varying image dimensions. Thus, when you post your image on Twitter, make sure that the dimensions are correct and no part of the message in the image is left out. For the header image, the perfect dimensions are 1500×500 pixels, while for the profile image it should be 400×400 pixels. Any image below these pixels would pixelate thus ruining your image. A pixelated image is something that you should avoid at all costs. No audience would be interested to visit a profile with low quality images.

Colors attract

Colors play a prominent role in creating the perfect Twitter image. Use of good blend of colors makes the image bright and attractive. It is easier to catch the attention of the audience with images that have bright colors. However, remember to use the bright colors in moderation. Using of bright colors too much might make the image too loud. This would result in the opposite of what you intend. Audience tend to avoid profiles that include too loud images. Thus, moderation in the use of colors, especially the bright ones, is important.

Use your imagination

Your imagination is the best creator of images. Try out new image forms, explore new forms, experiment with varying forms of images. Being creative and bringing in new ideas, makes your profile more attractive. Interesting images and pictures tend to grab the attention of the audience. Use out-of-the-box or even weird images that are able to deliver your message and make an impression over your audience. The perfect Twitter image will be the one that is able to pull in audience and is also able to make conversions.


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