Four Quick Organic Search Optimization Techniques Used By DuckDuckGo

Organic Search Optimization Techniques

In this era of technology and Internet, innovation is the key to remain at the top of the market. Very few search engines have competed with Google, which continues to dominate the market. One such search engine that tries to differentiate itself from the rest of the players is DuckDuckGo. For the beginners, DuckDuckGo is a search engine that focuses on protecting the privacy of the users making use of organic search optimization techniques. Also, the personalized search results with filter bubble can be avoided. The best part about this search engine is that the same results are being shown for all users for a given search instead of profiling them.

The fundamental basic behind this is that DuckDuckGo lays emphasis on getting the necessary information from the best sources instead of most sources. It generates results from key crowd sourced sites such as Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia and a few others. A newer version of the website was launched, making it very user friendly and giving it a refined look. As the website of DuckDuckGo says, their vision is to give you answers quickly with complete privacy. DuckDuckGo offers advanced organic search optimization techniques. Let’s take a look down.

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Organic search optimization techniques

Each service provider, be it Google or DuckDuckGo uses a specific type of search optimization technique to share the best result. Search results can be of two types – organic search wherein listings on the pages are totally relevant to the search instead of advertisements unlike inorganic search which includes pay per click advertising.

Here are three top organic search optimization techniques used by DuckDuckGo that could help land up your page on top of the search results:

1. Link your page to high quality websites

This comes straight out of DuckDuckGo’s page where they state that the best way to get good rankings in search is to get links from some high quality websites like Wikipedia, etc.

Hence follow this simple tip and maximize the traction of your page.

2. Make use of hyper-local keywords

Advanced Organic Search Optimization Techniques

It always helps to use keywords that are geo-targeted. If you are in a business category in local, this would be the best technique to catch the attention. You can also make use of the Google’s Keyword tool in the case of localized SEO.

3. A semantic search strategy helps

Needless to say, DuckDuckGo is a very smart search engine that uses advanced organic search optimization techniques. In order to evaluate the searcher’s intent, it depends on the highly evolved contextual library. DuckDuckGo at the end of the day helps in searching according to the intent of the user and not only on the search query. For example, you might have searched for a simple query. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo will also retrieve search results where this search query has been quoted in Wikipedia links.

4. Earn links rather than building them

This is yet another key SEO technique that can boost the search results. Rather than focusing on linking pages, build the links. It is good to have a small number of high quality links rather than a large number of low quality links. Hence focus on the content that will act as a feed for the high quality websites.


DuckDuckGo has earned itself a name amongst the top search engine players, especially for the privacy it provides its user with top quality search results based on the intent of the user and not only based on the search query. The best and easy way to rise on top of the search results and rank well is to focus on good quality content and make your website as valuable as possible. An intelligent digital marketing strategy is the key for organic search optimization techniques used by DuckDuckGo.

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