Bing Plans To Bring In the First Emoji Keyboard

First Emoji Keyboard

Bing, the world famous search engine needs no introduction. The company has been doing tremendous innovation and has always wanted to bring in something different to the users. This time, it is the Emoji keyboard that Bing plans to launch in its homepage for its users. Bing is all set to bring in the first Emoji keyboard in the search bar for Emojis.

Bing has been supporting Emojis since last October. The first Emoji keyboard is a step further in their endeavor to bring Emojis closer to the audience. For those unfamiliar with the term Emoji, they are small pictures that are used to express an emotion or an idea. Thanks to the mobile devices, Emojis have been widely used by people of all age groups to convey an expression or a statement.

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All about the Emoji Keyboard

Those who have tried the first Emoji keyboard are already raving about it and say that it is pretty neat stuff. One can search for a single Emoji or a string of Emoji and find out the interpretation from Bing for the same. Bing will return a semantic meaning of the Emoji that is being searched. Furthermore, the Emoji keyboard can be dragged to anywhere in the screen making it easier for the user. An instructional video on how to use the Emoji keyboard has also been posted for users to learn more about Emojis. Out of the five popular search engines, Yahoo has an Emoji search capability. However, AskAOL and Google do not have one at the moment.

Technology geeks have termed the first Emoji keyboard from Bing as one to get out from the shadow of Google. The future of communication has been tapped well by Bing and they are clearly in the right direction. Everybody would love to see a picture or an emotion depicted on screen rather than plain text. Visual content is beyond doubt the universal language.

Experiment with Emojis

Bing's First Emoji Keyboard

Want to try out the first Emoji keyboard from Bing? Here is how you can do it.

Go to Bing and load the development console of your browser. For Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, there are separate developer consoles. Then, copy-paste the following code: 03E3C6214F3162291848C1CA4E0963E3. Press the ‘Enter’ key and you are all set to begin the experiment. Then try out the various Emojis in the virtual Emoji keyboard available and see Bing’s interpretation of the same. A BETA version could soon be launched for the users. Until then, try out how it works this way and enjoy this cool feature.

Once the users get used to the Emoji way of searching, it helps one to save time and offers faster search results when compared to typing the text. One needs to be aware of the different Emojis available that come with practice. Searching for a single Emoji can actually help the user learn the definition of the character.


Microsoft’s Bing is definitely here to stay and overcome its competitors with great features being added to its search engine day by day. First it allowed the users to search using Emojis and now the first Emoji keyboard being introduced, Bing is looking to connect with new age Digital users in their language. Thanks to the growing popularity of Whatsapp and Facebook, Emojis are becoming popular and many users are already aware of the meanings and interpretations of most of the Emojis. Bing has gone one step forward by making this as a search engine offering to its users. Going forward, try doing your Bing searches the Emoji way and be surprised with the results of your search!

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