Six Reasons Why You Need To Be Attending The Web Summit 2015

Web Summit 2015

Web Summit does not really need any introduction to people belonging to the technology and related industries. It is one of the biggest and most popular tech summits globally. Having started in 2010, the Summit has grown in size and popularity over the years. Web Summit 2015 expects the number of attendees would be much over 30,000.

The Web Summit 2015 seems to be yet another eventful meet and the attendees’ figure is likely to go up as well. This global summit provides a great platform for budding startups to demonstrate their products as well as provide inspiring suggestions from influential speakers.

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1. International speakers

The Web Summit 2015 will see around 800 speakers from all around the globe sharing their ideas and suggestions to take technology to a newer level. The imminent speakers include John Collison, founder of Stripe, Ed Catmull, the President of Pixar Animation Studios, Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder, Kaspersky Lab to name a few.

They would be providing insightful information on the changing facets of technology and how people can implement it to gain professionally as well as in the societal form.

2. For startups

Dublin Web Summit 2015

For tech startups, Web Summit 2015 is the best platform to showcase your new products. It not only provides you a global platform, but you also get noticed by imminent companies and other major and ruling brands. The interactive sessions that are held during this summit lets you interact with other tech companies. Exchange of ideas can lead to innovative thoughts thus leading to productive outcomes.

3. Investors

The Web Summit not only brings in tech geeks from all around the world, but also investors looking to fund new and offbeat ideas. Web Summit 2015 will witness over 100 investors attending the event. The summit also has a day dedicated to the tech investors where they can hold sessions with various startups and making the most out of the summit. Few of the eminent investors who will be attending the summit this November includes Steve Herrod of General Catalyst; Edith Yeung of 500 Startups and Matt Higgins of RSE Ventures to name a few.

4. Network and connect

Summits like these are great to meet new people and create new contacts. The Web summit is not just a tech meet but a place where individuals with inspiring and innovative ideas come together. It is a platform where professionals of varying backgrouds with an interest in technology meets up to deliver, receive and interact new ideas. Networking with different people helps you to improve your outlook on a particular aspect as well as grow and expand.

5. Gather ideas

Technology is never marked by countries. For the past few years, the developing countries have been in limelight for their innovative business and tech ideas. Web Summit provides these countries a platform to showcase their products globally. The summit also contributes with ideas that these tech buffs can take along with them to imply in their own countries.

6. On the fun part

The more relaxing part of visiting the Web Summit 2015 is that you get to visit the mesmerising city of Dublin and soak in its aesthetic beauty. Take a stroll around the city or spend your evening tasting great Irish Whiskey.

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