Effects Of Woocommerce Acquisition by WordPress On Websites

Woocommerce Acquisition By WordPress

Ecommerce sites on WordPress will now be easier than ever. According to the latest announcements, WordPress.org’s mother concern Automattic has acquired Woocommerce, the ecommerce plugin for WordPress. With Woocommerce being one of the most popular wordpress plugins for ecommerce sites, the Woocommerce acquisition by WordPress would now make ecommerce on wordpress site easier.

With the Woocommerce acquisition by WordPress and integration of the plugin, WordPress now would provide its users to easily create personalized ecommerce websites just like it provides for blogs. The need for a good and fully functional plugin exclusively for WordPress has long been in demand. However, as WordPress’ initially functioned as a blogging platform, ecommerce plugins were not quite popular then.

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This Woocommerce acquisition by WordPress has opened up multiple avenues for website owners as well as developers. Once a complex task that required the expertise of a professional, the Woocommerce plugin would enable users to create an online shop seamlessly.

Officials at Automattic, the mother concern of WordPress.org has actually reacted to a query that was once made by someone at a WordPress conference.

Benefits for website owners

Recent Woocommerce Acquisition By WordPress

The Woocommerce acquisition by WordPress marks the beginning of a new era by the CMS platform. With this plugin, creating ecommerce sites with WordPress CMS would be rather simple and easy to develop.

Website owners, who own WordPress sites, can now convert their sites into online shopping destinations. With additional functionality and power support by Automattic, these would offer an exciting experience for the users.

Advantages for developers

For developers, the hassle for creating a separate payment gateway would not be required as with this plugin, Paypal payment gateway comes integrated with it. Also the fact that these are open source keeps opportunities open for developers to furthur improve such plugins.

Developers will also not require any seperate update for the plugin. It will be done automatically along with the WordPress update.

This would also benefit in experimenting with various CSS and allow to make quick changes in the style sheets within the site without requiring any external updates.

Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, said that this is a huge step by WordPress into the realms of ecommerce stores. With this acquisition, Mullenweg says that WordPress would be providing some added functionality and improved work performance.

Officials have not yet disclosed what added benefits this acquisition would provide to the users. It would take time to integrate Woocommerce in the WordPress dashboard. This is what their present priority is.


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