The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Back!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hot news indeed! The Ice Bucket Challenge is coming to the picture again this year. Yes, yes! It’s as true as the sun rising and setting down each day! The ALS Association is all set to relaunch the Ice Bucket Challenge that had been quite a global phenomenon last August. There is none on earth who is unaware of this big event that went viral last year. Yet, it is for those that are yet not aware of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, it involved pouring a bucket full of ice over one’s head. It was a charitable fund-raising campaign.

The ALS Association, this time, has begun with challenging Dan Gray, the FOX2/KPLR News 11 Reporter/Anchor, on August 3. Dan took the Ice Bucket Challenge at Six Flags at Hurricane Harbor. Dan’s response was rather interesting, as the ice-cold water trickled down his nose: “Woo, oh yeah, that takes your breath away!” And this brings the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge back to set the globe on fire once again.

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Dan, in turn, challenged Dave Roemer, the Six Flags President, and the latter accepted. Rich Gould, the Sports Director, and John Fuller, the Meteorologist, also count among the people that Dan challenged.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2015

Last year, in the month of August and September, when the Ice Bucket Challenge was at its peak, the ALS Association had received $115 million in donations. The ALS Association represents those affected by Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, which is a motor neuron disease and is also called Lou Gehrig’s disease, along with other motor neuron diseases. There is news that this year ALS would get aid from the Major League Baseball. All teams, reportedly, will participate in order to raise fund for ALS.

While last year the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was a phenomenon across the globe, this year seems to be no different with the kind of start it shows presently.

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