How To Design An Effective Ecommerce Landing Page

Ecommerce Landing Page

Your target audience is compelled by the promotional ads that feature in the search engine result page. However, after clicking on the link, visitors leave your site too soon. This might be because your landing page does not serve what your visitors were looking for. An effective ecommerce landing page needs to be engaging enough to keep the visitor hooked to the page and compelling enough to lead possible conversion.

The design of an effective ecommerce landing page is determined by the contents of the page itself. It can have single or multiple products on display. It might be discount coupons or some other attractive feature. Whatever be the content, it should be designed and positioned in such a way that it binds the attention of the viewer and push them to purchase.

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For an ecommerce site landing page can never be limited to a single or a few handfuls. Each webpage of an ecommerce website serves as a landing page. Hence following few principles, while creating an effective e-commerce landing page, is necessary.

Designing the Product Category Page:-

Your products are the reason your visitors visit your site. Hence it is important that you display your product in the best possible manner.

Originality – Displaying of products copied from the internet or taken from manufacturers works great in case of affiliate marketing. However, if you have your own exclusive products that you want to promote, it is necessary that you have your products clicked by a professional photographer.

Videos – Using videos in your product page it make it more attractive. If picture says a thousand words, videos say a thousand pictures. Videos can be more compelling in converting a prospective buyer.

Match Relevant Search:-

It is very important that you ensure that the product, your target audience is looking for, should be displayed in the landing page. For example if a person is looking for women’s clothings, display of men’s clothes might make the viewer leave the page. Hence it is necessary that search and result display maximum similarity.

If you have a clear picture of relevant search match, you will understand that this search will never be limited to just a single ecommerce landing page. Different products will have different landing pages as well as an assemblage of different landing pages. These pages can include anchor text that can lead your viewers to other related landing pages.

Ecommerce Landing Page Design

Single Theme for Similar Products:-

For an effective ecommerce landing page design, maintaining a consistent theme is very important. This means, that if a person is searching for formal leather shoes, the entire landing page should display leather shoes only.

However, using of different filters too help in case your ecommerce landing page contain multiple kind of products. Filters help in narrowing down the search for specific products keeping enough products to choose from at the same time. These filters can be based on price, brand, color, size and discounts.

Discounts and offers are something that highly attracts your target audience. Hence be cautious as where you position the discount offer in your landing page. Put it in such a place that easily attracts the attention of the viewers. This contributes in increased conversion.

Personalize your Landing Page:-

An effective ecommerce landing page should be the window for your site. Hence it is very important that it reflect your services and products of your site. For an effective ecommerce landing page design, the contents should be the exact replica of the audiences’ thoughts. Personalizing a landing page can include display option in multiple languages so that viewers can choose from the languages the one in which they are comfortable. These may also include shipping charges.

There are many global websites that automatically displays all information in the language of the country.

Effective Landing Page Speed:-

An effective landing page design should always consider the speed of the page or the time taken for each landing page to load. Audience leaving a page after clicking on it, because of its long loading time is common. For an ecommerce website, every audience left is a conversion opportunity lost. It is necessary that you design a landing page which is light and opens in the browser easily.

For an ecommerce website, browsing and purchase through mobile devices too are quite common. Hence it is important that it is responsive allowing easy access through mobiles devices.


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