Four Unorthodox Ways To Promote and Deliver Better Customer Services

Deliver Better Customer Services

When it comes to services, the quality of work that you deliver becomes the metric to judge your value. Thus every entrepreneur strives to deliver the best possible customer services. With every customer, the expectation and quality builds up and you try to deliver better customer services each time. One single bad experience can nastily affect your business.

However, if you walk in the crowd, it is not possible for you to see the road ahead. You will be delivering the same quality of work over and over, with bits of change sometimes. Bringing in new customers and retaining the old ones require that you provide flawless services. Still, to make a mark in the industry, you sometimes need to follow some unconventional path. Unorthodox ways are sometimes adapted byentrepreneurs and marketers to deliver better customer services.

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Maintaining the the brand image is possible only if you deliver better customer services than your competitors. This gives you a competitive advantage over others. You may also try few unorthodox ways to boost your business and customer services.

Begin a viral event

Promotional ads and digital marketing are the most common forms of promotion and often your audience would tend to overlook these ads. However, a viral event cannot be ignored so easily. The ALS ice bucket challenge is one of the best examples of this. The event required one person to dump a bucket full of ice over himself. Once the challenge is complete, he/she then challenged three more people to take the challenge.

The event went viral as YouTube got flooded with videos of eminent people from movie stars, to tech tycoons taking up the ice bucket challenge. ALS got recognized globally and gathered a huge sum for its fund.

Tips To Deliver Better Customer Services

These viral events are not the conventional promotional methods that you apply each day. However, at times, events like these may help you get recognised.

Try being controversial

You would definitely agree on this one. Whether its product or a service, anything that is controversial would most definitely make it to your customers sight. Once you know that the product has reached your target audience, you can then promote and deliver better customer services as you are already connected to them.

The Benetton ad of 2011 that showed US President Obama kissing the then President of China Hu- Jintao, was criticized heavily but it made the people talking about the brand. Thus create a controversial ad if you really want to make your audience take a look at your brand.

Convert to tangible

Products, be it goods, idea or service, can be best calculated if it is tangible. If you give your product a physical identity, it becomes easier for your audience to understand the object. This is especially true for online services that requires the audience to get a solid proof of your work.
Using your audience for your promotional purposes is a great way to improve and deliver better customer services.

Interact with your audience directly and take their views and thoughts on your product. Observe and analyse their reaction. Make them talk about you to other people about your product. Once you make your product tangible and effectively calculative, your audience would take notice of your brand and your product.


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