Five Tools To Identify Fake Twitter Followers

Tools To Identify Fake Twitter Followers

Twitter, the leading micro blogging website of the world, has introduced a very new way to share your personal experiences, thoughts and beliefs with people living at different geographical and territorial limits of the world. Twitter is also the website that has allowed the common public to connect with their idols, be it a politician, a world class businessman, an actor, a singer or any other famous personality of any field, they are all signed up there and they all have loads to share with you. But, have you heard about the tools to identify fake Twitter followers yet?

With the many pros come co-extensively some cons of having a Twitter account, one of which is, the problem of fake followers who are responsible for constantly clogging your social media accounts. The problem does not end here because in all likelihood there is a great possibility that along with having fake followers, you might also be following many fake accounts under the conception that the account is the official account of some other person. This is the kind of deception we are here to rescue you out of. All you need to do is abide by the below enumerated tools to identify fake Twitter followers which will help you find fake followers and thereby remove them from your Twitter account.

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Tools for Identification

Fake followers are a doom for the social media accounts as they clutter your stream while also being responsible for reducing the level of your engagement, and increasing you and your legitimate followers to phishing and spam. Such an engagement has only one outcome, and it’s the end of your Twitter account. The tools to identify fake Twitter followers are-

1. Fakers App

The Fakers App which was developed by the Status People is a very effective app that helps to check and keep a tab of the fake and empty Twitter accounts. All you need to do is click connect to Twitter on the Status People website to begin. You, however need to trust it to assess your account and within minutes of that you will be able to see your follow report. Status People believe that a Spam account is one that has a few or no followers or little activity and yet follows many accounts. Status People offers 3 levels of service like unlimited check on your Twitter account, unlimited searches and analytics. It also has the feature of allowing you to block fake accounts.

Best Tools To Identify Fake Twitter Followers

2. Fake Followers Check

Socialbakers free tool, Fake Followers Check, is one of the tools to identify fake Twitter followers. This tool is equipped with features that allow it to check a random sample of around 100 of your followers in proportion with its criteria. It produces a report that will allow you to see some of the suspicious accounts that were identified during the scan so that you can block them completely from having any access to your account.

3. Twitter Audit

This tool works by taking a sample at random of around 5000 followers and assigns score to each based on the ratio of their following to followers, the number of tweets. Once you authorise access for it to your account, you can see the report and do the needful.

4. IGExorcist

One of the tools to identify fake Twitter followers, it allows you to check for ghost followers on Twitter which are mostly inactive and spam accounts that follow you. It operates on a set system of cross-checking your followers against the accounts that you follow to gauge interaction over 300 day period.

5. Tweepi

Tweepi is amongst the important tools that offer you many features for managing your Twitter account, unfollow your fake followers and use the Geeky Flush option which is a tool that flushes the fake followers.

So, here you have a list of tools to identify fake Twitter followers. Have some more in mind? Do write to us!


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