Twelve Free iPhone Apps For Web Development

Free iPhone Apps

Web development has been tethered to desktops and workstations for a long time and many developers remain unaware of the variety of tools available outside of desktop applications. Well designed mobile apps make it possible to maintain productivity without having to drag your laptops from place to place. You can go for the free iPhone apps available online.

Your iPhone would be no better than a dumb box if there are no useful apps on it. Moreover, nowadays there are hundreds and thousands of free iPhone apps available which you can download.

Here is a list of free iPhone apps that will be useful for your web development activities:

1. PHPRiot PHP Reference

This handy app provides a full access to PHP, PEAR and smart template engine manuals and also acts as a programmer’s guide for the Zend framework. It allows for bookmarking, printing and taking notes on manual entries thereby greatly enhancing your learning experience. This is one of the must-have free iPhone apps for developers can be the best portable reference for PHP that hones your skills using regularly updated quizzes.

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2. iHTML

iHTML is a utility app that can be used to view the HTML sourced of a web page/web address. It is available in two modes, portrait and landscape. In portrait mode the raw HTML is displayed and in landscape mode, the web view is displayed along with the raw HTML. It also includes an option to email raw HTML.

3. CSS unit converter

Developers might find it difficult to remember all the CSS properties, pseudo classes, elements and sometimes even the syntax. It would be a great help if there is an app to help them with this. That is exactly the function of the CSS unit converter. This app gives access to all of the W3C’s CSS properties and elements, JavaScript syntax, possible values for each property, usage suggestions and a fully rendered sample code. You can try out different values and see how it affects the look of the page using the built in browser.

4. Mobile CSS Reference

Mobile CSS Reference comes with an interactive UI and gives you descriptions, syntax and limitations of CSS properties and selectors.

5. WhatTheFont

You happen to see a meme or a picture with an attractive font that you want to include in your web page. Searching through the hundreds of font styles to get that particular font is like searching for a needle in a haystack. But not anymore, WhatTheFont identifies the fonts in a photo or screenshot. All you need is an internet connection to make it work.

Free iPhone Apps For You

6. Linux Command Reference

Linux Command reference app lends a helping hand to beginners in Linux operating system by giving access to the most widely used Linux commands and their usages.

7. JSInt

JSInt is a JavaScript console that acts like a calculator. The only thing that it returns answers for JavaScript statements in addition to regular mathematical calculations. JSInt makes learning JavaScript much easier. It uses javascriptCore open Source library implementing JavaScript 1.5/ECMA-262 3rd edition.

8. Chmod

Chmod allows you to calculate Unix file permission quickly and easily. Features like guide, stick bit and many more are available in the landscape mode.

9. RGB Colors

RGB Colors app is one of the best free iPhone apps displays a preview of the color that would be the result of the RGB combination you specify. This app can be helpful in selecting the appropriate RGB color values to be used in your CSS templates. You can specify the RGB values using sliders.

10. WordPress

This intuitive app from WordPress allows you to manage your WordPress blogs and sites right from your iPhone. You can moderate comments, create and edit posts, add images and videos all on the fly with this mobile app. Using this app requires a self-hosted WordPress site or blog.

11. DropBox

Dropbox is one of the free iPhone apps. It is a file sharing app that is available for Windows, Android and iOS. You can synchronize and access all files stored in your drop box account using DropBox app.

12. Passgen

Passgen helps you secure your files by generating random passwords that can be emailed if necessary. The generated passwords comprise upper and lower case letters, number and special characters. Passgen also provides option to create hexadecimal passwords.

These are few of the free iPhone apps that you can have on your Apple device.


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