How To Enhance The Life Span Of Your Electronic Gadgets

Enhance The Life Span Of Your Electronic Gadgets

All electronic gadgets have a life span, if they have got damaged or stop functioning properly than the owner of that gadget would be in loss. This life span term should not be confused by the warrantee period. Warrantee period is a period which insures you the initial safety of gadget and a replacement or repairing offer if it got damaged within the warrantee period but the life span of a gadget means the expected life time of a gadget.

Here are some tips that might enhance the life span of your electronic gadgets-

Careful attitude in the beginning- The damage probability of a gadget is high at its initial and final working stage. Once the machine starts working at its running phase, the damage probability gets decreases. So we should be careful at the initial working stage of the machine.

Whenever you charge, full charge- Connecting charger and removing charger without full charge not only decreases the battery life but also damages the charging spot and charger. Whenever your battery needs charging, connect it with charger and do full charge and then remove the charger. It not only enhances your gadget’s battery life but protects your charger and charging point from unnecessary damage.

Connect to electricity when needed and then stop- Connecting charger for full charge and leave it for full night is also harmful for the battery and charger. Fix a charging time of 2 or 3 hours according to your gadgets capacity and then remove the charger if it is full charged.

Protection cover and lamination is not girly- Having a cover for your laptop, carrying a laptop bag and laminated screens of phone might seem girly for few people but these are the things that protect your gadget from external accidental damage. Using your gadget and then putting it back to the case is habit one should adopt for the safety of their gadgets.

Full shutdown / full power off- Most of the people leave there laptops in sleep mode for 2 or 3 days. This habit is extremely harmful for the battery life. If you are taking a break of 1 or 2 hour just shut down your laptop. Same is in the case with smart phones, the more you don’t use power button the more it deteroits the battery life of your phone.

Antivirus is important- Antivirus is always important when you are using internet on your gadget. Some antivirus slows down the performance of your gadget and some destroy the button functioning.

Here is some point you should verify before purchasing a gadget-

All needed application are there or not- If you are going to buy a gadget like phone or laptop just make a list in your mind that what applications are important for you and should be there in gadget. This makes the selection task easy and you should prevent yourself from unnecessary applications.

Internet research for substitutes- If a gadget is of 20,000 and all the important functions of that gadget are there in a 12,000 phone with equal performance warranty and life span then why to go for the first one. You should research about the substitutes of your choice on internet and choose the best suitable for you.

Handling that gadget is comfy for you or not- My cousin has purchased a tablet for internet uses and now he feels like it is too big to carry all the time. This is what happens when you don’t choose gadgets according to your comfort level. Before purchasing a gadget just analyse if it is comfy for you or not.

Trial test and screening- A trial process is necessary for a gadget because if you purchase them and once it is packed, you are its owner and the gadget is your responsibility.

Warranty period and validation- Before purchasing the gadget check its warranty period and if it is a total replacement warranty or repairing warranty. Keep these warranty cards in your gadget box as long as they are valid.

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