InstaGurus : The Brands Ruling Instagram Presently

Brands Ruling Instagram

The days of associating Instagram with selfies are over, at least where the brands are concerned. A low quality photograph of people, having food in a meticulously decorated restaurant just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instagram has evolved into a social media giant, which is capable of making or breaking your brand image. Brands ruling Instagram presently are a handful and some such are included in the following infographic.

The brands are well aware of the situation, as apparent in their visual social media strategy. Some of the big names have embraced the ‘new Instagram’ and are demonstrating to us lesser beings how it’s actually done. Follow the infographic below to find out more about the brands that are ruling Instagram right now.

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Instagram is the fastest growing social network globally, surpassing Facebook, Twitter,YouTube, LinkedIn and Google +. Instagram is the number 1 social network for delivering engagement, according to a recent report by Forrester.  It delivers 58 times more brand engagement than Facebook! The best part is that there aren’t any actions beyond viewing, liking and commenting on a post. Brands ruling Instagram are well aware of that and are planning their actions accordingly.

You don’t have to visit another third party site to view an article. Thus the campaigns are purely for branding, and you can measure them based on the most important factors – reach, ad recall and awareness.Even the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report reveals that 28% of marketers use Instragram and 42% plan to increase their Instagram use in the year ahead.

Instagram offers the brands an outlet to show off their unique approach, their creativity and demonstrates why people should go gaga over them. Here brands can connect with their audience more freely and mould their thinking process. The following brands are making use of Instragram to its true sense. Brands ruling Instagram may not post regularly but when they do, they make sure that it’s worth the wait.

Brands Ruling Instagram Presently


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