Instagram Search-Only Is Now Available On Desktop

Instagram Search-Only

Search option in Instagram was a less priority until the latest update wherein users can now search for location, username and hash tag. The good news is that one can now make use of the search option in the desktop version. The desktop design is now information-rich and very user-friendly. The Instagram website was less used when compared to the mobile app version. This is a good move to attract more users to Instagram web version. While the option to view user profiles in web was available a few years back, with this search option enabled, one can now search for profiles. Log-in to site with your credentials and kick start the profile search! The Instagram search-only is being liked by the users.

Instagram has been making serious moves with respect to its web version and is making a lot of changes in the recent past. The round shaped photos were being favoured more instead of the usual square ones. The move to make Instagram search-only available on desktop is a welcome move and has received cheers from the Instagram fans across the world. The move is seen by the company as an effort to make the website and app consistent and ideally provide the same features. The desktop users were previously using apps like GramfeedWebsta and Findgram for accessing Instagram on the web.

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Hash-tag searches

One does not need an iPhone or an Android phone to see photographs of friends on Instagram. All one does need is an Instagram account and they can get started. Just like the mobile version, one can now see photographs, like photos and also kick start a conversation by commenting in the comments’ section. With hash-tag now available in the web version, many users of Google would actually try out their searches in the Instagram search-only for more diverse results.

Instagram Search Only Desktop

Clicking any hash-tag would take the user to all the posts with that hash tag. One can also go directly to the hash tag page by clicking on the page link instead of typing the hash-tag in the search query. This move by Instagram has been seen as a good opportunity for the marketing gurus to now start branding massively through the hash-tag as the desktop users can also look up to the content in the web mode. Active use of hash tags helps a brand to explore a wide range of new opportunities.

What the desktop version is missing!

With so many new features, such as the Instagram search-only available on desktop versions, constantly being added to the website version, the only thing that is missing is the feature to upload photographs directly from the desktop! This would be a great platform for high end camera and DSLR users to directly upload photographs from the website. Frequent users of the app will also note that features like that of the fun photo map and explore page missing in the website version. Hopefully they will be added in the upcoming updates of the web version for the desktop users to rejoice.

With more features being introduced in the app recently, including the Instagram search-only on desktop, it is good to note that the company is not lacking in innovation. Growing competition has definitely helped the company to bring in more features to the audience. This feature to enable search option in the desktop version is a welcome move and would prove to be useful for a wide range of audience who are not used to Android phone and still prefer using their desktops. Let us hope for the rest of the app features also to be added to the desktop version in the coming days!

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