Pros And Cons Of Having Mobile Only Sites

Mobile Only Sites

Mobile devices are now the new desktops. Almost all functionalities of desktop are now available on your mobile devices. The quick access to internet has given an added boost to the use of mobile devices within the past few years. This has led online marketers to develop sites not only for desktops but for mobiles as well and also defines the increasing demand for mobile only sites.

The responsive coding structure has added to the access and operation of websites from the mobile devices and hence the need of mobile only sites. The extensive availability of smartphones and tablets, and improving internet connectivity, has added to the use of mobile devices throughout the globe. Mobile devices are now an essential part of human life with mobile usage increasing from 1000 million users in 2010 to over 1800 million users in 2015.

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The increasing use of mobile devices have made more and more marketers turn to mobile for the promotion of their business. It is a trending feature and almost all businesses now have mobile sites. Some businesses have gone to the extent of creating mobile only sites, while going off the desktop entirely. This has some added advantages that were previously absent in the desktop sites.

Faster page load

The time taken by mobile only sites to open is quite lower than that of desktops. Mobile websites are made light. This helps in opening of the web pages faster than a native site. The websites are built with responsive coding structure. This makes the sites compatible for mobile devices. An average user would wait around 3 seconds for a page to open. Thus, it is necessary that the site opens quickly.

Boosts time spent

Pros And Cons Of Mobile Only Sites

Internet on mobile devices are easily accessible and available at all times. This helps users access and surf various websites as and when one wants. The flexibility of access allows more time to be spent on websites by the users.

Gives competitive advantage

Building mobile only sites is a time-consuming process. It also requires experienced professionals who have a thorough know-how of the responsive coding structure. If you have your website structured with the responsive code, you would have an added advantage over your competitors.


A technological innovation cannot exist without having few disadvantages of itself. Mobile only sites require new interaction pattern as it is built on the responsive coding structure. Mobile only sites need to be light-weight so that they may load quickly. This scales down your design and lowers your web content to minimum.

Congested typing space

The first problem that arises from using mobile only sites is the typing space. Keypads on mobile devices are quite error prone. Though stylus can be used, not all smartphones provide it. Typing with hands often results in erroneous data. The small screen size adds to the difficulty.

Touch sensitive

Mobiles devices like smartphones and tablets consist of touch sensitive screens. While this is something great to look at, it can at times prove to be costly especially for pay per click sites. A sudden touch can make one open sites which the user do not want. Thus charging you for the click while not getting convertible customers.

Less context visibility

The small screen size of mobile devices allows only a small part of the webpage to be visible at a time. Every time a user wants to see something at the lower bottom, the user have to scroll through the entire page. This is time-consuming.


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