New Logo Design By Spotify: A Disaster

New Logo Design By Spotify

Change is always good. However, sometimes it need not work in one’s favor. That is exactly what happened to ‘Spotify’ when it changed its logo color from pea green to neon green. The moment the users saw the new logo design by Spotify, many of them started tweeting about the change and had several complaints and cribs posted in Twitter. The neon green color is similar to the battery charging icon on the phone and resulted in confusion for many.

In fact the outrage to this change was so massive that it was one of the ‘trending’ topics on Twitter. Some users have already considered deleting the app due to the poor visual look and appeal of the new logo color and have termed it a disturbance. Some of them have also termed the new logo design by Spotify as the not very sober shade of green!

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Not a welcome change!

Little did users know what they were in for when they updated the app recently. The color change in the logo could definitely not be missed. The reason for this bold move of creating a new logo design by Spotify, however, could not be known. The company is already under tremendous pressure whenApple recently announced its music service at the same cost per month.

It could also be a move to overcome the competition but it did not definitely work in the company’s favor. It has been said that over 100 creative designers worked on this new logo design by Spotify which was termed as a ‘crucial’ change for the company. According to one of the executives, the new color change was necessary to be consistent over a number of devices.

Disastrous New Logo Design By Spotify

Also, with the growing cut throat competition, it was necessary to outperform the competitors with a much needed makeover. However, little did the company know that it would backfire its strategy and agonize people in the social media. Critics also say that the update brought in by Spotify should have brought in a whole range of benefit for the users rather than just a color change! However, there is also some sunny side up to this color change as some users really seemed to have liked it and feel it is a welcome change and makes the app brighter and adds more color to it.

Spotify – A classic case!

This new logo design by Spotify has become a classic case by itself and many companies should in fact take a clue from this fiasco. Even a minor change in the look and feel of an app can have either a positive or a negative impact of the brand. With growing number of users in Twitter and Facebook, people do not hesitate to speak in open about their favorite brands and the latest news.

What Spotify could have done would be to have run down a poll or likewise to seek feedback from its users and then bring in such a massive change. The damage is anyways all done now. Let us wait and watch what the company does to make up for its tarnished brand image. Spotify team however has a different story as they claim everybody loved it.

Spotify definitely has something to learn from this logo change. With multiple posts on Twitter and Facebook, the company might need to do some damage control. This disaster of new logo design by Spotify would make the company cautious in its move going forward. Let us wait for the good things to come from the company in the near future!

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