Six Simple Instagram Marketing Tricks For Better Traffic

Simple Instagram Marketing Tricks

Instagram is a growing platform. Marketers are now turning to these social media sites to promote their sites and products. The quality visuals add to the promotional factor thus improving the chances with higher visibility. Following simple Instagram marketing tricks helps marketers achieve their goals.

Marketers are now adapting and customizing their own Instagram promotional images to improve their social presence as well as increase traffic. Quality images that are unique and relevant to the target audience attract the attention of the audience. Engaging image contents can prove to be a valuable means to generate traffic to your site. Below are six simple Instagram marketing tips from social media experts on how to improve your social presence through Instagram.

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1. Dimensions 

In Instagram, dimensions form an important element. Unlike other social sites, Instagram is solely dedicated to the posting and sharing of images. Images in Instagram are square shaped and thus while you click on your pictures for promotional purposes ensure their dimensions.

Instagram has presently become an effective source of marketing goods. Shooting square images for your Instagram accounts saves you time in editing. You also can ensure that you have all the important elements within the form while you take the click.

2. Use link-shortener

Link-shorteners are important tools when it comes to marketing Instagram posts. These tools not only help shorten URLs but also help monitor your traffic to the site. A customized link shortener can serve several functions than just compressing the site link. You can keep a check on your CTR through your Instagram account.

This is also helpful when you launch a new campaign or a landing page.

3. Promoting competitors

Promoting other companies through your image sharing site is one of the simple Instagram marketing tricks. When you promote your partners and competitors, they too might in turn promote your site or link in their posts. Tags and shares work great with Instagram posts. This in turn helps generate higher traffic as well as results in higher conversion.

Six Simple Instagram Marketing Tricks

4. Use hashtags

Finding and sharing posts of different places, events and even people is now simplified with the Instagram hash-tags. Using hash-tags lets you find trending topics quite easily. This is one of the simple Instagram marketing tricks that is highly useful for brands as it aids in the visibility of posts.

5. Funnel audience

Visitors are those whom you want to come to your site. Creating a huge volume of loyal followers is the purpose of your social media sites. Posting attractive and engaging content is your first priority as a marketer. Use a call-to-action button in your images. Compel your audience to take an action. A compelling image is one of the simple Instagram marketing tricks that can help you bring quality convertible traffic.

6. Use videos

Images are compelling but videos generate a higher volume of audience. If you create a profile with a mixture of images and videos, these tend to get higher number of visitors. Videos have a higher engagement quotient than that of images. Thus, posting of videos and GIF images at frequent intervals helps boost your traffic. However, make sure that the videos you post is relevant to your business and is searchable by your target audience.

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