Five Outstanding Website Content Types To Draw In Traffic

Outstanding Website Content Types

When we talk of content we generally think of the monochromatic texts that we see on the websites and blogs. But the concept of content runs much deeper. It not only includes all the scribbled-in text and blog posts but also comprises of images, multimedia, videos, audio clips, texts and even infographics. One of the outstanding website content types should be the one that is an amalgam of a number of features of contents.

Online marketers often struggle to craft a website that is engaging and compelling enough. However, just a great homepage design, or a stunning jQuery effect is not enough to attract visitors to a site. It should be remembered that contents of a web page is the most vital component of a site. This is what keeps the visitors engaged to the site and compels them to take an action. Contents are of varied types and each type contribute differently in making a webpage interesting. Below are few outstanding website content types that marketers often use to make their websites more interesting.

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The how-to types

These type of contents are the most widespread in the online market especially on B2B websites. These contents provide useful information on various subjects, often demonstrating the utility of a particular product or service. These contents generally deal with varied kinds of problems that people can face in their day-to-day lives and offer simple solution to these problems. Using diagrams and charts would make it more attractive.

Using how-to contents to pull in traffic is a great idea. However, you need to keep in mind that the solution you offer should be closely related to your online business. This will increase your chances of conversion.

The infographics

One of the most attractive and outstanding website content types that tend to pull in a huge number of visitors are infographics. These are visual presentation of data, stats and information in a graphic format. Infographics are generally boldly designed contents that highlight the chief points. Graphic designers tend to use bright colors to make it more attention-grabbing. A study made by says that infographics tend to get higher number of visitors and more shares than an ordinary blog post.

Five Outstanding Website Content Types

Infographics are best to present any form of data or research study. However, if your content is more of descriptive type, infographics should better be avoided.

The memes

Not the first choice for an formal site, memes still are making their way into the mainstream market. Memes are easy to make and tend to go viral quite fast. The humour and sarcasm adds to the potency of the memes making it one outstanding website content types to be used.

However, these cannot be used by all who wish to post contents to pull in traffic. Memes in blogs are a strict no-no. Marketers can use these in social sites like Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, etc. to increase its virality.

Memes are low-value content. Thus make sure to use them moderately in your promotional strategies.


Of the most outstanding website content type, videos are the most generic form of content. This type of content is widely used for the promotion of all kinds of products. Videos are of many kinds. However, each serves the same purpose of attracting customers or providing information about a product. Videos can be on how-to projects, music-video or an informational documentary.

Keep your videos short and interesting to ensure maximum engagement.


Ebooks are lengthy contents that can consist of around 10,000 words. These are informational posts that you can create by writing on a single topic. The lengthy posts allow you to write detailed explainations on various topics, thus providing indepth information on that topic. These outstanding website content types are great for informational websites.

Content creation and marketing is an art. Out-of-the-box ideas combined with outstanding website content types can deliver a superior quality webpage that would have a high number of visitors to your site.

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