Etsy Improves Search Functionality : A Step To Increase User Engagement

Etsy Improves Search Functionality

It can doubtlessly be stated that Etsy has reached the zenith of success in a rather short span of time. And it is certainly not a joke that this startup has managed to get a million sellers globally selling almost 3 million items online. However, Etsy seems to have summoned a challenge: not only are there no SKUs but that most data too are unstructured. That Etsy improves search functionality is news indeed for its users!

The company has tried to answer the challenge rolling out a search functionality which is rather sophisticated. Yes, Etsy improves search functionality which is now live after a month of being in the beta-test where it has witnessed huge engagement not just from the mobile users but from the desktop users too.

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This is certainly a laudable approach by the company. The search functionality will help Etsy recognize user intent and deliver customized or tailored results. The company is focusing more on offering “long-tail” search content to the users that would benefit the sellers too.

Etsy Improves Search Functionality For Users

Instead of showing the search items in a raw ranking hierarchy as basing upon the superficial variables, Etsy now plans to showcase both single items as well as their categories, thereby showing more content which had so long been absent.

The evolution in the search functionality that Etsy is introducing is rather interesting. It is not just going more descriptive, but is also going the old school way while taking a leap forward to a whole new system. As Etsy improves search functionality, it has taken a step forward in presenting the search items in a more organized way to the users.

The company had taken a machine learning approach. However, it lacked a strong system to follow the system. In order to create a taxonomy that is structured, Etsy hired a library scientist. The company help its sellers tag, organize, and categorize their items systematically. Given the fact that this new model stands at place today, the company can now improve search ranking.

While Etsy improves search functionality, it allows people to get deep into the item-categories not just with refinements but with clear filters too.

As it is that the beta site went live for a certain set of users almost a month ago, Etsy has noted a subsequent increase in user-engagement by nearly 10%.  Study shows a greater engagement from mobile users over desktop users. Now, the search functionality is live for all its users.

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