Default iOS Kill Switch Might Reduce iPhone Theft

iOS Kill Switch

If you are an iPhone user and have updated your operating system to iOS 8, then your iPhone has become theft proof. Apple has incorporated a default kill switch in the new iOS 8. Thus with iOS kill switch users can lock down their phones and totally disable them, making it obsolete to use, if the smartphones are lost or stolen.

Kill Switch Integration:

Apple had already integrated the kill switch in the previous Apple operating system, the iOS 7. However activation of kill switch in iOS 7 was optional. This prevented the full utilization of the iOS kill switch. Apple therefore integrated the kill switch in iOS 8 by default thus becoming the first smartphone to employ this technology.

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Making iPhones Theft-proof:

High-end smartphones have always been an active target for thieves and rogues. And for this very reason various anti theft technologies have been developed. But none have been quite successful. However, the iOS Kill Switch developed by Apple proved to be quite successful.

Apple iOS Kill Switch

If the kill switch of an iPhone is activated, the phone can be used as a paper weight at the most. All functions are locked and the phone becomes completely dysfunctional.

Kill Switch Expectation:

Apple thinks the iOS kill switch will help in reducing the incidents of theft. Reports from a study suggested that the incorporation of the Kill switch has reduced incidents of iPhone thefts.

Once a person recovers his stolen or lost iPhone, the kill switch can be easily deactivated. The user has a unique code number, inputting which, the kill switch deactivates. The iPhone returns to its normal self and the users can go along doing their usual business on the iPhone.

Compulsory Integration:

The lawmakers of California USA have gone a step further to prevent smartphone theft. They recently passed a law stating that all smartphones in the State of California launched after July 2015 should mandatorily have the kill switch installed.

With the kill switch, however iPhone theft might be expected to nullify. It is to see now which other tech giants follow the suit.


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