Why Is Bloom The Best Plug-in For Email Opt-ins?

Email Opt-ins

A common practice amongst the websites is that irrespective of the quality and design of website, they pop up many non-popular forms to persuade the users to align with them. They do not seem to realize that they constitute a form of virtual salesmen not liked by many. On the other hand, they are also a good way to collect the clients and the required emails to promote the merchandise or the motive behind the website. When you opt-in, customers give us an opportunity to stay connected with them and grow a strong online community. Email opt-ins can help you out!

So how is it that you can get your clients, customers and people interested to know about your product without having to be amongst websites that are constantly and irritably asking the customers their e-mail addresses? There are endless numbers of sites on which a pop-up appears instantly seeking your e-mail address without allowing you to further access the website. Email opt-ins are way more convenient options.

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What email opt-ins mean?

A common question that may arise in your mind with regard to the meaning of opt-ins. Email opt-ins are express permission granted by the customer or the recipient of an email, to a marketer to send forward their merchandise information, or any such messages related to it. After you have opted-in, the marketer will send you the material information about the merchandise as long as you want until you opt-out.

BLOOM is the new social media plug-in introduced by Elegant Themes to increase your email opt-ins and giving you complete control over it. Bloom provides the user with six-different types of e-mail opt-in options to choose from traditional ones to newly developed email opt-ins like a fly-in or below-content window, in order to bestow control upon the users.

Different forms of emails opt-ins available

Bloom Email Opt-ins

Bloom offers a large variety of email opt-ins form templates, with over 100 base templates which are customizable. One need not be a creative head or a designer to choose an opt-in that will enhance your website. It’s a simple task once you have built your website to decide when and where you would want your opt-in to appear, be it on the homepage, at the end of your content, while scrolling, and you can even put locked-in content on your website that users can unlock after subscribing, or a different opt-in for each post on your website. If you find yourself confused about the type of opt-in which will suit you best, you can perform a split test to assess what attracts the maximum number of users and pick the highest performance opt-in.

Biggest opt-in mistake: making it pop-up only

The successful opt-in forms are subtle and yet beautiful, perfectly integrated into your website forming a part of the same without interrupting the users while they are engaged in their respective activities. Hence, email opt-ins should stand out, not pop out. Bloom comes to your rescue with its wide variety of templates in opt-in forms that will not only attract users but also help you in managing your long lists of e-mails as well.

Connect the plug-in to your e-mail

It is important to first connect the plug-in to your e-mail marketing software before you can create an operating opt-in template on your website with the help of Bloom. Bloom works with different systems such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, GetResponse, SendInBlue, MailPoet among many others. Once this task has been achieved you can start working on your opt-in forms by using Bloom tools. You can also seek guidance from the video tutorials available on Bloom in case you have difficulty with connecting the plug-in to your e-mail.

Bloom also helps you in understanding the needs of your users and builds a strong and lasting bond with them. Download the plug-in now and customize email opt-ins to make it homogeneous with your website to attract users and have them be loyal to you forever.

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