New Gmail Features Recently Introduced By Google

New Gmail Features

Connectivity and networking have become important components in our lives. Gmail is one of the most popular web mail services that people use across the world. Google has done some revamping and introduced new Gmail features that makes it look really cool. With cut throat competition from other web mail services, this is a welcome move and a reason to cheer for the Google fans.

Take a look at them and start making use of them to the fullest. These features are right there at your Gmail and there is no need for any installation or download. When UX/UI is catching so many headlines, how can Gmail be behind? The new Gmail features thus definitely deserve an in-depth look.

Catch the insight here!

1. Themes and emojis

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Emoticons are a really nice way to express emotions. Google has taken a leaf out of this and introduced this feature in Gmail wherein it has introduced a whole new range of emotions. In the compose window, click on ‘Insert Emoji’ icon and choose an Emoji to express yourself right away. You want to smile, laugh, frown, cry or whatever you feel like, and you have it all here! Emote it the Google way.

A whole new set of themes is also available with the new Gmail features. Brighten up your day or just sit back and relax with the whole new set of themes set to add more color to your experience. That is not all. The themes can also be customized using some of the tools such as blur, text background and vignette available.

2. The ‘Undo’ email feature

You can now save yourself from the embarrassment of accidental emails using the new ‘Undo’ feature. One has the option to select the cancellation period between 5 to 30 seconds that will basically determine how long one can undo after sending the email. The new inbox among the new Gmail features has the feature already added on as part of the package.

3. No limits to attaching files

New Gmail Features By Google

For a very long time, the maximum file size one can attach while sending emails is 25MB. One of the new Gmail features, one can attach file of unlimited size. Choose the Google drive option when inserting a file that is greater than 25MB.

4. Pinterest in the inbox

Gmail had introduced the promotions tab a few years ago to sort out all the clutter and keep the promotions separately. Gmail is now available with a better visual appeal, a Pinterest like look in the inbox. One has to sign up for the free trial available to get this feature. Grid view will be made available to the users in the promotions tab after opting out for this feature.

5. Stay connected

The ‘contacts’ feature in Gmail is a great way to save all your contacts. This has undergone a rejig and the new way to organize contacts is fantastic. All duplicate contacts are merged and automatically updates the contact information such as the phone number from the Google+ profile. Isn’t it cool?

6. Old Google Talk is also back!

If you did not find Google Hangouts cool, here is a workaround. You can now get back to old Google Talk. When you do this, you cannot take calls like in hangout but for the ones used to Google Talk, this is great news!

There is every reason for Gmail fans to celebrate with such cool features being added. From staying connected with your loved ones to brand new themes, Gmail has become cooler, better and more awesome with the latest upgrade. So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the new Gmail features or Google Inbox if you are unable to see these features automatically and try all these cool features out even without installing or downloading anything.


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