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Key Features of Foundation 5

Foundation claims to be the most advanced responsive front end framework in the world. With Foundation 5 the creators have made the framework even faster for you to code. Now you can prototype and quickly build responsive websites and apps. To bring in better user experience Foundation has used Zepto instead of jQuery. From styles for typography, forms and buttons to various navigation controls and CSS components, Foundation 5 has all the elements required to create great websites and apps.

Here are some of the key features of Foundation 5:

• Interchange– With Foundation 5 you can selectively load all the sections of the website based on your client’s device. It uses media queries to dynamically load responsive content (HTML partials, videos or canvas). Foundation 5 has plug-in to deliver content slide which was not there in the previous versions. Previously if you wanted the content to differ on a viewpoint width it would have involve hiding the content or using server side user agent to detect mobile devices.
Apart from that they have integrated fastclick.js, sleeker animation, off canvas to provide a powerful way to build navigation into screens.

 Faster coding– In Foundation 4 the columns had the same width for all screen sizes, which made it difficult to adjust the column width in smaller devices. Foundation 5 has 12 columns by default that lets you create multi-device layouts quickly. Apart from that they have written their own CLI wrappers so you can quickly spin up to new projects. You can code faster with the Foundation shortcuts, and there are new templates to create your brand new projects or improve the existing ones.

• Support– If you had trouble with the Foundation API previously then Foundation 5 is for you as they have an improved support system now. The support system is good enough to give bootstrap a run for its money. They have a support team that will come to your rescue whenever you think you are stuck. That’s not all if you are unfamiliar with this platform then there is a team that organizes workshop where you can learn everything about Foundation. The course fee depends upon the subjects and the depth to which it is covered.

• Command line tool– There is a brand new command line tool that allows faster project building. You can see similar tools it definitely speeds up the development process. It uses Libsass built in C/C++ that speeds up Saas process which is best for big projects.

• New style– It seems like Foundation 5 has moved towards the blank canvas which is pretty easy to customize. Hardware acceleration support has been added into Foundation 5 to improve the user experience. The problem with the default User Interface in Foundation 4 was not easy to restyle and it was easy to recognize too. The creators have added hardware acceleration support into foundation 5 to improve the user experience.

Apart from that they have Foundation Engineering Studios where the project engineers will help you build the front-end, making the job easier of your responsive marketing site, HTML Emails and application. The engineers will make sure that your pages are responsive across all devices and compatible with all browsers. With so many improved features Foundation 5 is worth trying. The best thing is that it’s free and if you are using Foundation 4 then you can easily migrate to Foundation 5 without any hassle.

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