Will Meerkat Surpass The Best Video Streaming Apps?

Best Video Streaming Apps

Technology is growing day by day and so is the competition. With social media dominating the market trends today, many Apps are coming up to cater to the needs of people. One such App is Meerkat that was launched quite recently and is available in both Android and iPhone. One of the best video streaming apps, Meerkat helps users to enable live streaming in Twitter and over 5000 people can view a person’s stream at a point of time.

All one needs is a smartphone and this app to capture and broadcast their videos. Counting among the best video streaming apps, it became very popular within a short span of time after making its debut in the ProductHunt website in February 2015. Meerkat has been developed by LifeOnAir Inc and has raised a funding of over $12 million through venture capitalists.

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Instant video streaming and sharing

Within a short span of time, Meerkat already has its own competitor, Periscope, that was launched by Twitter that allows anyone to play the stream. Periscope went one step beyond Meerkat and cut the startup from its social graph. This prevented the Meerkat users from importing their social followers in their platform. However, Meerkat has bet Periscope as the App is available for all while Periscope is yet to be made available for Google’s mobile OS.

One of the best video streaming apps for Android, Meerkat, however has the Beta tag and it has the same rules as the iOS version. Celebrities and business persons are already using Meerkat in full swing for promotions and experiments with the social media tools. Prior to Meerkat, folks had to rely only on YouTube and Ustream to cover their live event.

The Best Video Streaming Apps

However, Meerkat is a much more cost effective tool and requires less labour from the user. Owing to the fact that it is one of the best video streaming apps, it has been designed with an option to share instant breaking news, debut new songs and even launch advertising content through it. The app has also been used to screen backstage television content that catches the attention of the viewers.

Live video streaming has slowly gained immense popularity. Thanks to the best video streaming apps like Meerkat and Periscope that make video streaming easier. Media has also benefited from this app by using it to share exclusive content to its audience at the click of a button. Some politicians are also using this app to catch the attention of the people with their activities.

Meerkat tools

There are also Meerkat based tools available for users such as Katch that lets the users to organize their streams. Videos can also be automatically uploaded to YouTube, by just using the hashtag #Katch. Another tool is the Meerkat Stats that helps the users to analyse how their stream has performed and provides leader boards. The latest update by Meerkat is great! Users can now upload the videos on Facebook as well. Phone and address book integration features have also been added for a better social mobbing experience.

Meerkat is definitely here to stay with its innovative streaming app. It has surpassed all its competitors and is slowly gaining popularity across the world within a few months of its launch. Celebrities and people from all walks of life are downloading this app for good quality video streaming. With stiff competition from Periscope, one can expect more innovation to Meerkat, one of the best video streaming apps, and more features being added. Meerkat could very well be the future of video streaming with its ease of usability and enhanced features.

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