Startup Zaya Learning Labs: How It Emerged

Startup Zaya Learning Labs

Startups in India are mushrooming at a greater pace than the technology industry itself. Budding entrepreneurs brimming with innovative ideas are launching their own ventures or collaborating with some other organisations to give fruitful result to their ideas. And startup Zaya Learning Labs is no different.

Startup Zaya Learning labs is an educational venture founded by Soma Vajpayee and Neil D’Souza. Soma is an IIM alumnus while Neil is an ex-employee of CISCO. The idea of Zaya learning labs was the brainchild of Neil who though of introducing a cloud based learning system that can benefit children of the marginalized communities.

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Giving a solid shape to this noble startup idea was Pearson Affordable Learning Fund. This division of Pearson, the global welfare organization, provides funds to educational startups across the globe. Along with this, the startup is also assisted by Bhavtosh Vaipayee of Global Research at Barclays.

Backed by a powerful welfare organization and welfare funds coming in Neil has been able to turn his dream into a reality with his startup Zaya learning labs.

At present the startup is providing blended learning to over 20,000 children across India. The noble idea has caught the attention of many and Neil also plans to extend Zaya’s reach to countries like Zambia where the educational gap is quite vast.

Case Study Of Startup Zaya Learning Labs

The concept of blended learning is fast catching up among the urban schools. However, the children of the marginalized communities are still devoid of education at large let alone blended learning. Neil wanted to create a classroom where education would be in a participation format where both the teachers and the students would participate in the learning process. The ideas of the students too would be heeded. Learning will not be limited to just book, tablets and peer projects is one basic feature of blended learning at Startup Zaya Learning labs. This lets the student learn in their own way, thus resulting in a better outcome.

With startup Zaya learning labs, Neil plans to penetrate into the interior regions where classroom teachings are not productive. This has been possible with Zaya’s Class Cloud, that allows learning activities in classrooms with low or no connectivity. The Class Cloud software is a monitoring and analysing software that can analyse the usage of content as well as monitor what each student achieve. Thus this helps meet the educational need of each individual students.

Neil says “We have some of the brightest minds working on a cause which will change millions of lives. I am grateful to be working with people who are equally passionate about changing the education landscape for the better.” Neil has been expanding his team. In the last year it has expanded its employee numbers to 30 from just 5. It plans to hire more employees with its expanding business through the globe. The founders believe that a work culture that inspires innovative thinking needs to be encouraged for the betterment of the company and for achieving its objectives.

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