Startup The Souled Store : An Indian Online Marketplace

Startup The Souled Store

Indian startups is a blooming industry. Young people with great idea and entrepreneurial mindset are jumping into this rat race of building their own company. These startups take the everyday problems and provide a simple solution to it through technology. And the startup The Souled Store provides a similar functionality, though a bit out of the ordinary.

The startup The Souled Store can be said to be an Indian version of the online marketplace Etsy. However, unlike Etsy, which provides just a platform for handmade merchandise, The Souled Store collaborates with artists to sell their work online. The startup is a website that provides a platform for budding and professional artists. The website sells different forms of artwork and merchandise. The contributors to the startup The Souled Store includes painters, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators etc. The startup works in collaboration with multidisciplinary artists who provide creative ideas and themes to work on.

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The hatching of The Souled Store

The startup The Souled Store is the brainchild of three finacial analysts Vedang Patel, Aditya Sharma and Rohin Samtaney. The trio, bored with their clocked desk jobs, jumped into the entrepreneurial arena. The initial capital invested was just $6,500. However, Patel, Sharma and Samtaney had a strong will to be something worthwhile in the online market. Their experience in finance helped them to set up a business with strong business objectives and low working capital requirement. Thus The Souled Store was born in June 2013 selling artworks and handmade merchandise.

The bottlenecks

Indian Startup The Souled Store

The Souled Store like any other startup in India faced the problem of low quality professionalism. This has been the main reason for them to collaborate with artists from abroad as well. Also finding new designs and quotations has been a challenging task. While the artists are from a dynamic background, it gives an added advantage of giving new design ideas.

Present scenario

Startup The Souled Store, presently showcases works of over 50 artists and designers from India and abroad. Since its launch, it has collaborated with big names likeWeekender,, Pentagram, Gutslit etc. The startups has been growing at a very fast pace. The founders believe that the company can grow at a rate of 50% each month.

The startup has also collaboarted with various NGOs and schools. The team says, “Our aim in the next three years is to offer an extensive range of products and we aim to introduce new products every two-three months and display artwork with unexplored themes.”

The increasing internet access has made the startup’s business more widespread. The Souled Store plans to collaborate over 500 artists globally within the coming years. The website also plans to serve as a platform for interaction by different artists who can share ideas and work to deliver better and newer designs.

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