Smoking E-Cigarette: Is It Safer Than Normal Cigarettes

Smoking E-Cigarette

Each time we visit a movie theatre, we see awareness commercials over the negativity of smoking. The rate of smoking has shot up manifold with the rising disposable income. The age bar for smoking has also become wider. This can be blamed on the rising pressure among people for various reasons. Smoking E-Cigarette is said to be helpful if you are trying to quit smoking.

Technology always has a solution for all the problems. China, one of the world’s tech giants came up with the solution to help smokers quit the butt. China was the first country to engineer smoking e-cigarettes. It made its presence felt globally only in the 2nd half of the last decade.

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Smoking E-Cigarette Is Harmful

Smoking E-cigarette is considered to be a healthier alternative to its tobacco filled counterparts. On first sight it would look like a common cigarette. But in reality it is a small hollow cylinder filled with liquid. This liquid turns to vapor when a person inhales it. However, the safety of this vapor is still a matter of extreme controversy.

How it works:

E-cigarettes do not need to be ignited. It runs on a lithium battery. The cylinder has a liquid filled cartridge and a vaporization chamber. Once the user puffs on it, the battery heats up the liquid. This liquid turns to vapor which can then be puffed. The cartridges can be refilled. These e-cigarettes are however, not nicotine free. The liquid within is a combination of nicotine, propylene glycol, flavorings and other added liquids. The nicotine percent can be varied according to the requirement of the user. Cartridges are also available which are nicotine free and contain only flavorings.

Is it Safe?

Even though it has been hyped so much, smoking e-cigarette is not entirely harmless. Rather, the liquid nicotine in the cartridge is more harmful than the tobacco leaves. Smoking e-cigarette has led to lungs and cardiac diseases. Liquid nicotine can cause rash and burns if directly contacted with the skin. It has the power to kill child with just a small teaspoonful of it. Researches show that smokes of e-cigarettes can contain metals and even few carcinogenic components that can grievously harm the body.

The e-cigarettes are still widely available in the market even with its harmful effects.FDA has been on an active struggle to fight against the prevalence of these detrimental gadgets.


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