Five Incredible Ways To Deal With Spammy Links!

Deal With Spammy Links

Spams are always deadly and are a total waste of time. They are mostly not for the intended user and as a result, one gets to see some thousand copies of the same message that will not have any value to the end user. Thanks to the trick of advertisers. The number of spams is increasing day by day and we need to come up with ways to deal with spammy links. To boost the website statistics, the spam now gets embedded in links thereby increasing the website traffic.

This is a growing threat to the spams that users face. Search engines like Google are making efforts to reduce the spam and detecting the spam thereby notifying the user that the link contains spam. Still, the search engine does not eliminate spam completely. If you too are facing the same issue and are looking forward to a quick solution or some ways to deal with spammy links, we might help!

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Here are some ways how you deal with spammy links:

1. Blog networks

The spammy links are commonly embedded in blog sites thereby making the user click on the links even without being totally aware. With the blog networks, each blog is linked to several websites that are usually spammed. Low quality blogs with such links are usually easy to identify as they would have guest-link enabled and lots of external links. Hence, avoid these low quality blogs that does not look natural and guest blog only on sites which have high quality standards and less external links.

2. Site wide links

Footer links, site wide used to be such a rage. Many of the footer links are pointed to external sites that are mostly paid links. Penguin and other blogging sites are now taking efforts to remove these links and giving updates that enable the user to choose a different style.

3. Social sharing sites and bookmarking

Ways To Deal With Spammy Links

Most of the times, the links that social bookmarking sites carry are of no value. Many of these social sites have low spam control and also point to low quality external links. A good spam control is required in these websites. If not present, just avoid them! You will know the low quality ones, when you see them.

4. Forum spam

Forums usually have a lot of spam and cannot manage them well. A forum signature link that is usually found in several posts in the forum is a typical example. One of the ways to deal with spammy links is not clicking these.

5. Article marketing spam

For the SEOs, passing spams through article links is the latest fad. The ranking of a website rises with two or three anchor text in the articles. This in turn builds low quality links. As there is no mechanism to penalize these websites, the article links are getting devalued instead of being penalized.

Just do it and remove all of them!

The number of spammy links is increasing on a day-to-day basis. If you spot one, do not hesitate to remove them from your blog or any of your posts. While some may add positive trend to your website statistics, it is better to have them removed. Also, set the Google Webmaster tool alerts that help remove such spams. Also tools like Ahref andOpen Site Explorer helps to identify backlink spams and check if someone is building backlinks to your profile. is another useful website that helps you track such backlinks offering you a way to deal with spammy links.

Follow these tips to deal with spammy links that intrude your privacy and cause a negative trend in the website statistics. SEOs are finding new ways to increase the web traffic and as a result, users are subjected to a lot of spammy links. It is always good to be alert and prevent them from happening in the first place.


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