Role of Colors in Website Designing

Colors in Website

Colors in website play a dominant role in the basic design and appearance. Different colors spins in together to give a webpage the perfect appearance that it wants. Colors in website also have the power to speak up. It is a great medium to define the mood or tone of the website.

For online businesses, correct usage and presentation of color is vital. The colors in website set the tone of the site and make it more attractive and welcoming. Hence for ecommerce and business websites, using the right shade of color is important to make it more compelling.

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If you notice carefully, the call to action button, in most websites, are mostly done up in bright hues like green or orange. This is mainly so that it catches the attention of the visitor and they end up purchasing something.

Color and Human Psychology:

Color in website plays a dominant role in human psychology. Even though there is no proven scientific evidence, it is undeniable that colors do play a role in determining the moods of an individual. According to study, 62% of the sale of a product depends upon its color. This shows that color is critical in the success of a website.

Use of Color:

When it comes to the use of colors, it becomes quite tricky. There are some colors that are quite common and are used extensively is various websites. These are blue, black, green, purple, and red. Among these the different shades of blue and green are the most widely used ones in different websites.

Colors form the first impression for your site. Hence the perfect blend of different is important. It is also necessary to keep the color in sync with your online business. For example, websites selling baby clothes is often in soft pink color while a website selling men’s product is mostly in black or dark blue. Colors like purple and golden signifies luxury and is often used in furniture and hotel websites.

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