Minimizing Click Frauds To Save Your PPC Budget

Minimizing Click Frauds

Marketing and promotion of your online business requires you to invest a considerable sum on your marketing budget. Thus you would always try minimizing click frauds to save your PPC budget. It is not always necessary that all clicks that you get are frauds. Clicks are necessary to gain traffic to your site. Hence, it is up to you how you present your ad links to prevent your PPC budget from draining.

A planned and strategic campaign is a great way to push your traffic up. However, sabotaging the PPC campaigns of competitors is a frequently occuring issue employed by unethical marketers to gain competitive advantage. Click frauds that go unnoticed, can often drain a marketer off a huge fraction of marketing budget. Minimizing click frauds is a challenging task especially for sites promoting highly competitive products. Marketers often employ bots and sometimes even people to commit fraudulent clicks. They perform clicks on paid ads till the PPC budget of that site is reached. Once the daily limit is reached, the clicks no longer appear on the search engine. Thus the ads are removed from the search engine even before the potential customers are able to view the audience.

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Complete abolition of fraudulent clicks are near impossible. However, marketers can employ few tricks for minimizing click frauds.

Choosing industry specific keyword

If you aim for minimizing click frauds, keyword selection is a major criteria. Reducing the chances of fraud clicks can prevent your PPC budget from draining out. Choosing industry specific keywords is the first task that you need to perform. This will ensure that you get a higher number of quality clicks which convert thus contributing to your ROI. Using a higher number of indusrty specific keyword minimizes the chances of click frauds.

Monitoring behavior of user

Ways For Minimizing Click Frauds

Identifying the behavior of your users is necessary if you wish minimizing click frauds in your PPC campaign. Weeding out fraudulent clicks is possible only if you screen your PPC links regularly. Monitoring users’ behaviour is a good idea when you promote your products online.
Using Google AdWords can provide you with a better opportunity to monitor users’ behaviour. When you are able to track IP addresses, you will be able to check from which IP most clicks are made. If a single IP shows bulk clicks, you will easily be able to understand whether you are a fraud clicks victim.

Form a budget

When you start your online business, you plan a certain fraction of your capital for your paid marketing campaign. However, this online budget is categoried and budgeted on a daily basis. The search engine charges every time a searcher clicks on the paid ad links. The budget of each click however, is set entirely by the marketer.

If you employ PPC campaign for your promotional activity, you need to know that not all clicks will convert. Similarly not all clicks will be fraudulent. However, following the above tips and keeping a regular monitoring of your metrics might help you minimizing click frauds.

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