Effects Of Adwords In Increasing A Website’s Visibility

Increasing A Website's Visibility

Google AdWords has been helping to boost the visibility of several websites for quite some time now. Google Adwords helps in increasing a website’s visibility and in reaching out to the right person at the right time and works on the pay per click model. The moment customers search for specific information on Google, your listing or advertisement that is relevant to their search will be placed at the top, bottom or the side of the search results and you would need to pay only when they click on your website or make a call. The AdWords has gained immense popularity in the online advertising platform as users usually search for a specific type of keyword. The ranking of a paid keyword is dependent on the relevance of the search query and the amount paid for each click.

For potential advertisers, Google offers three types of payment platforms, such as cost per click which charges per click, cost per mile which charges the advertiser per thousand clicks and site targeted advertising that places banners and images on certain websites. SEO-Search Engine Optimisation is immensely gaining popularity and SEO experts are opting for various techniques for increasing a website’s visibility and traffic. Popular keywords would cost more than niche or rare keywords.

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Google AdWords is a very effective way for increasing a website’s visibility. Google in fact does a good job to differentiate between paid advertising and organic search results. High end operation like jewellery, cars, financial services which are expensive services and every conversion of a click could prove to be a worthy investment. That is not all. Google also offers a tool called Webmaster tool that helps in your website analytics and see how your ad has performed. While SEO takes time to materialise results, the AdWords offer a quick solution while also increasing a website’s visibility.

The other side of the coin

Analysts across the world have different impressions on the AdWords. While some experts claim that AdWords help in increasing a website’s visibility dramatically, some experts argue that AdWords do not have any positive impact in increasing the site visibility. They feel that most of the time the ads are not being clicked by the users and it has a negative impact on the site ranking.

Use Of AdWords In Increasing A Website's Visibility

The tip here by many experts is to use AdWords intelligently for your site. It is better not to use your existing page as the landing page for AdWords. Instead, create a separate page for AdWords! There is also something called the quality score that Google determines based on the quality of the content and relevance of keywords and the PPC advertisements. The quality score has a direct correlation to the success of PPC.

Combination of SEO and PPC

Thus, a good combination of SEO and the PPC through AdWords helps increase your website visibility. A combination of PPC and SEO can have a massive effort on the search performance. One can also make use of both the combination of PPC and SEO to leverage their keyword data information which again helps prevent a bad quality score.

The effect of AdWords in increasing a website’s visibility has been mixed and largely depends on how intelligently the user makes use of AdWords and the relevance to the keyword that the user is searching. A good combination of SEO and PPC can go a long way in giving the much needed boost to your website. So what are you waiting for? Make use of the AdWords right away and see the results for yourself.


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