Best Android Apps To Keep Your Phone Secure

Best Android Apps For Security

The antivirus application has come to be one of the most fundamental to any desktop or laptop setup. Even the most novice user scrambles to find a good security software before making use of their new device. And with the proliferation of smartphones, the same trend has made its way to the world of mobile. Best Android apps for smartphone security are made available now.

Hackers and other malicious software writers have taken advantage of the fact that most users have to keep a lot of sensitive information stored on the mobile phone. Thus the Android ecosystem has come under sharp focus ever since malware specifically written to exploit its chinks has surfaced.

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Android L is the newest version of the mobile operating system to be announced. The wraps came off at Google I/O this year and it was trumpeted to be the most secure version of Android so far. Certain security parameters may have been strengthened but this isn’t to say that Android phones are free from exploitation. Therefore it is still essential to have the best android apps for smartphone security and to ensure that the data on your phone and the transactions that occur are inviolable. Here’s a look at some of the best Android apps for Android devices.

Best Android Apps AVG


AVG is one of the most commonly known and the best Android apps for ensuring security on desktops and laptops. But it isn’t limited to these platforms. There is also a highly dependable AVG application for Android phones. The AVG application is divided into four tabs, namely Performance, Anti-theft and Privacy. Thus it covers most forms of security that is expected from such an application.

The AVG applications can be used to carry out full device scans which covers all of the locations that the memory of your phone is divided into. It also allows users to set the frequency of automatic scans. Another extremely useful functionality of the app is that it can be used to set off a loud alarm in order to located a device, lock it, or even completely wipe the data present on it in case it cannot be located. AVG provides registered users with passwords which can be texted to the phone to affect these functionalities.

Best Android Apps Avast


Avast is another well-known name in the desktop and laptop space that has made a transition into the world of mobile, and Android in specific. The Android application provides all of the standard features of a security application such as real-time scanning of internet data and keeping a lookout for malware. Avast went on to acquire a startup known as Theft Aware to supplant its application with features such as remote device lock and date reset.

Avast adds in certain features that assist in the efficient usage of battery. It can cut of Wi-Fi or cellular network access to certain applications so that the device isn’t needlessly taxed. At  $1.99 monthly or $14.99 on a yearly basis, Avast is among the best Android apps available.

Best Android Apps CM Security

CM Security

This is one of the more slick looking and functionality-wise best Android apps available on the Play Store. CM Security is a fledgling application that has quickly amassed a loyal following thanks to being feature rich and absolutely free. Some of the features that the developers have packed into the application include anti-virus, malware scanner, and phone location capabilities. A freemium model has been used to monetize the application.

One feature that is unique to CM Security is that is boasts a Family integration feature where you can add family members or friends to your network in order to keep track of them by making use of their mobile number after they have authenticated access from their device.


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