Basic PPC Mistakes By Beginners In Paid Campaign

Basic PPC Mistakes

Paid marketing is a fragile process. Proper and delicate planning and handling of paid search campaign is necessary. Running a campaign in a strategic manner not only helps in increased visibility, but with a higher number of clicks the page rank of your site too improves. However, few basic PPC mistakes by beginners can often lead to higher expenses on AdSpend.

For beginners, SEO or organic marketing is the best form of online promotion. Paid marketing campaigns require you to invest in the online promotion. This should better be avoided if you are new in the online marketing space.

Basic PPC mistakes are often committed by beginners in paid search campaign. However, these, if not checked on time, can rob you off all your investments. Below are few basic PPC mistakes that are common for beginners to make.

Choosing Bad Keyword:-

For online marketing of contents, keywords are the most essential element. Search engine spiders crawl through web pages indexing them. Fresh contents with good keywords get more crawls. On the other hand, generic keywords which are lousy are not frequently crawled. For new websites, this can be disastrous as low ranking sites do not get listed for very long and are often removed from the Google’s search engine result list.

Beginners tend to use overtly big keywords. This is one of the basic PPC mistakes committed by amateurs. While these long tailed keywords are cost effective, search for them are low. Negative keywords, which are a great way to filter out contents through the search engine, are often not used by amateur web masters.

Basic PPC Mistakes Paid

Ignoring Quality Score:-

Quality score is one prime feature that cannot be entirely controlled by the web master. Google takes into account a huge number of features to determine the Quality Score of a website. Hence it is quite hard to determine how the Quality Score is analyzed by Google. This often leads to web masters ignoring the Quality score of a website.

However, ignoring the Quality Score is one of the basic PPC mistakes that can prove to be fatal for your site. Maintaining an average Quality Score is vital as it is a good determiner of a website’s success rate. Quality Score is measured in a scale of 10, where low score means poor performance while high score means good performance by a website.

Maintaining an average quality score helps in lowering the overall budget on AdSpend. Apart from affecting the page rank directly, it also helps in lowering your Cost per Click, while optimizing your site’s visibility.

Shabby Landing Page:-

Landing Page is the ultimate webpage from where you can compel your viewers to convert. It is in this page where you can win or lose a prospective buyer.

However, many website owners especially amateurs fail to recognize the importance of a landing page. Ignoring it just adds to the long list of basic PPC mistakes you commit. Just making your target audience visit your site is not enough. It is equally important for you to serve them with something that would be of relevance to them. This is where professionalism and experience helps. Firstly you need to create a landing page that keeps your customers glued to your site. Secondly, it should serve a purpose to your audience. A landing page without much for the audience will have a high bounce back rate. Thirdly, it should always have a call-to-action button for immediate conversion.

If you have designed a good landing page with relevant contents, it will be quite easy to convert your target audience. On the other hand, a shabby landing page will fail to convert, which will eventually result in increased CPC expenses. Avoiding one of the basic PPC mistakes like a shabby landing page design is very essential.

Overlooking Mobile Visitors:-

For any website today, a huge percentage of visitors are directly from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Hence keeping track of the mobile traffic is crucial for evaluating the performance of your site and also your paid search campaign. Overlooking mobile visitors is a common mistake by beginners. Even experienced SEO analysts tend to forget mobile traffic count.

Initially it was quite difficult to display ads on mobile devices. This has been one of the chief reasons why mobile traffic has been ignored for so long.

Ignoring mobile traffic might turn to be committing one of the basic PPC mistakes by beginners as this traffic tends to convert more than the desktop. Also a proper mobile PPC campaign is necessary to ensure that your ads get clicked by people who are potential converters rather than mistakenly.

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