Free Websites To Learn New Online Marketing Tricks

New Online Marketing Tricks

Online Marketing is soon catching up and it is an art by itself to master it. There are various websites and tutorials available online for the newbie’s to catch up on this topic. Online marketing as such is a very vast topic. However, it is practical experience that counts in this field. However, these tools will help one to equip with good knowledge and learn new online marketing tricks.


With a plethora of sources available today online with big claims, it is really difficult to judge which resource is sharing the best info. To help you, here are a few free websites to learn the new online marketing tricks. Do try them out and gain expertise in this subject.

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1. HubSpot Blogs

This is a very nice website for all those into marketing. Be it tricks for social media, tips for SEO, education, analytics and even collaboration, this site has it all.

There is something for everyone in this website.

Did you know that there is a tool called HubSpot for social media publishing? Did you know that Twitter hash-tags are a very effective way to market your events? Did you know you can use Powerpoint as a powerful digital tool? If your answer to all the above questions is ‘No’, then check this website out because it offers a lot of tips and tricks on online marketing.

2. Techipedia

Hear it out directly from the Digital Marketing experts on what are their USPs of marketing and learn the tricks of the trade as these 17 Digital Marketing experts come together to share their story.

Be it their little known social media secret or little known social media tool, these experts propose a wide range of new online marketing tricks to boost your online marketing expertise.

3. Internet Marketing Ninjas

Learn New Online Marketing Tricks

Here is a very comprehensive website that offers a wide range of new online marketing tricks and tips for internet marketing. Check them out for some awesome tricks that are being updated from time to time. The site has a good reach and hence one even has the option of posting comments and seeking answers to varied queries.

The tips and tricks are being contributed by experts in the online marketing sphere. They would definitely be of great help in your thirst for knowledge.

4. Medium Blue

This website has a list of five new online marketing tricks that can have a huge impact on the success of your online marketing campaign.

The best part is some of the common mistakes people make with respect to online marketing and are also clearly listed. Hence one can avoid making them again. As they say, good content is the key to attract visitor and not the flashiness of the website.

Check out these new online marketing tricks listed above and become an expert when it comes to online marketing. At the end of the day, the skill of a person goes a long way in becoming an expert. In this digital marketing era, one needs to be abreast of the latest tips and tricks around the world to catch up with competitors.


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